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Cambridge Food & Ale Weekend 2001

Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 July

Corn Exchange Web page, with further details

Saturday 11:00 - 10:30
Sunday 12:00 - 10:00
Tickets: before 6pm 1, after 6pm 2, obtainable on the door
Cambridge Octocentenary 1201 - 2001

The City Council is organising this special festival, essentially an enlarged version of the normal Sunday Farmers' Market. All the food & drink will be locally-produced.

As part of this, Cambridge & District CAMRA are holding a beer festival in the Corn Exchange featuring just local beers.

The success of the festival will depend very much on whether there are enough volunteers, so if you'd like to help out please contact the Staffing Officer, Paul Treadaway (contact details), if you can help any time between the Thursday and the Monday. If possible, please fill in the staffing form now!

Beer & Cider List

City of Cambridge
Hobson's Choice (4.1%)
Atomsplitter (4.7%)
Boathouse Bitter (3.8%)
Nero (5.0%)
Pegasus (4.1%)
Electra (4.5%)
Cyclops (5.3%)
Minotaur (3.3%)
Cap'n Grumpys (the Ship at Brandon Creek)
Riverboat (4.3%)
Cherry Stout (4.8%)
Bees Knees (4.2%)
Irish Rover (4.3%)
Sparkling Wit (4.5%)
Tall Tale (3.6%)
Suffolk County (4.0%)
Lucky Punter (4.3%)
Oat Stout (4.6%)
Rawalpindi IPA (5.0%)
Cassels Cider
Dry, medium and sweet

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