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Cambridge & District CAMRA

Branch Committee 2005-2006

Chairman chairman@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Cambridge Moonshine Brewery Liaision Officer
Will Smith

Secretary secretary@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Webmaster webmaster@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Good Beer Guide entries and nominations gbg@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Membership Secretary membership@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Ian Kitching

Treasurer treasurer@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Festival Treasurer
Derek Wright

Press Officer press@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Pubs Officer pubs@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
ALE Editor editor@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Paul Ainsworth

Equipment Maintenance
ALE Delivery Coordinator
Dave Collins

Whats Brewing Contact contact@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
City of Cambridge Brewery Liaision Officer
Nick Winnington

Public Transport
Meetings Coordinator
Anthea Andrews

Steve Linley

Equipment Maintenance
Al Bailey

Milton Brewery Liaision Officer
Bert Kenward

Paul Treadaway

Carl Woolf

Other posts

Summer Beer Festival Organiser festival@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Equipment Manager
Shaun Marsh

Festival Staffing staffing@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
James Wells

Cambridgeshire Area Organiser
Foreign beers at festivals foreignbeer@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Winter Ale Festival Organiser waf@cambridge-camra.org.uk (remove the `spamtrap')
Ron Buchet

November 2005
Cambridge & District CAMRA