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ALE 340: Cambridge CAMRA’s LocAle scheme launched

We define a LocAle as one which is brewed within a 15 mile radius of a pub’s front door. This makes Milton and Cambridge Moonshine beers LocAles for nearly all our pubs, Potton and Buntingford likewise for many of them and Nethergate for those in the south-east of our area. Devils Dyke beers are also LocAles at their only current regular outlet, the Dyke’s End at Reach.

The pity is that loads of our local pubs would love to sell LocAle but can’t do so because they’re tied either to a brewery like Greene King or a pub company such as Punch or Enterprise, none of whom make these beers available to their licensees.

In this context we greatly applaud Elgoods of Wisbech which has permitted its only pub in our area, the Waggon and Horses Milton, to stock a beer from the Milton Brewery down the road. This will make the Waggon an even more attractive place to visit so in the long term customers, licensee and pub-owner will all benefit, not to mention the environment and local economy.

We call on the other breweries and pubcos to adopt a similarly enlightened attitude so that the current list of pubs selling LocAles (below) can quickly grow:

(as of January 2010)

ADC Theatre Bar – two Milton beers.
Arts Picturehouse Bar – house beer (Reel Ale) Cambridge Moonshine.
Bacchanalia off-licenses in Mill Road and Victoria Road - Cambridge Moonshine in bottles and often has Milton and Moonshine on draught
Cambridge Blue – often has a LocAle
Cambridge Chop House – Milton
Carlton – often has a LocAle
Devonshire Arms - Milton
Elm Tree – often has Milton or other LocAle
Empress – Milton Pegasus semi-permanent and sometimes another
Fleur – Milton
Kingston Arms – usually has a LocAle
Maypole – Milton (including Minotaur Mild)
Regent Hotel – has sold bottled Kilderkin Double from Impington though current status of brewery in doubt
Radegund – Milton
Ranch - Milton
St Johns Chop House - Milton
Balsham Black Bull – Nethergate
Barrington Royal Oak – Potton Shannon IPA
Dry Drayton Black Horse – Milton and sometimes others
Grantchester Green Man – Loc-Ale handpump
Great Wilbraham Carpenters Arms – Cambridge Moonshine and Buntingford
Longstowe Red House – often has Potton
Linton Crown – Nethergate
Little Wilbraham Hole in the Wall – sometimes has a LocAle e.g. Moonshine
Madingley Three Horseshoes – sometimes has a LocAle
Melbourn Black Horse – usually has Buntingford
Milton Waggon and Horses – a Milton beer
Reach Dykes End – two Devils Dyke beers
Stow-cum-Quy, Quy Mill – usually has a LocAle