ALE Monthly No. 191 March 1980

Minutes of the Branch Meeting

Held at the Maypole, Cambridge, on Monday 13 February 1980 at 8pm

Chairman: J. Abraham; Secretary: P. Hoare.

Apologies for absence were received from D. Auker, W. Noblett and M. Tomlinson.

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting (ALE 190) were approved.
  2. Matters arising: Despite a report to the contrary (ALE 190, p. 9), HQ have declared May 1980 a mild month.
  3. Correspondence: HQ have approved the use of the Campaign logo on the proposedbranch sweatshirts; Fiona Apthorpe had enquired about the defunct Apthorpe Brewery; copies of "Branch Bulletin" had been received; A. Millns had written to say he was now Chairman of the Tyneside Branch; J. Abraham had written to J. Goodwin regarding HQ's mild campaign; the Branch has received 10 ordinary GK shares as the result of a one-for-one bonus issue (J. Bishopp agreed to enquire about a memo. on the matter that GK had allegedly sent); TC had written to the Branch saying that Original was being well received.
  4. Treasurer's report: P. Saunders announced that the balance stood at 661.85. She reported that someone claiming to be a Branch member had deceived a Harvest Way employee and had collected a pin of Abbot on J. Bishopp's account.
  5. Branch constitution: The suggested draft from HQ was read, amendments approved, and P. Hoare agreed to produce a fair copy by the next Branch Meeting.
  6. "Ale Monthly": N. Watson asked for an article challenging GK on the "Beer Engine" poster displayed on their drays to be included in the next issue
  7. Multilith: The Netherhall Adult Centre Committee were to discuss the matter on 22 February; in the meantime, the offer of free storage and maintenance and cost-free operation from a Mill Road, Cambridge, printers, was still open. The meeting agreed with N. Watson that in the event of the latter opportunity being taken up, a contract should be prepared safeguarding the machine in case the company concerned went into liquidation, and insurance cover should also be provided.
  8. Regional newspaper: J. Abraham summarised the meeting with representatives from other branches and with EMAP in Peterborough on 5 February 1980. N. Watson considered that as the Cambridge Branch would not be heavily involved it should welcome the venture as an opportunity to help those branches with less effective newsletters. It was proposed by P. Saunders and seconded by G. Chapman that J. Bishopp should become the Cambridge Editor on the paper; the proposal was carried nem. con.
  9. Camrail pubs: The draft of a reply to J. Goodwin was approved.
  10. Greene King: Business commitments prevented D. Auker from attending the meeting; his campaign progress report was postponed until 19 March.
  11. Pub survey: D. Cundall announced that a pub survey form was to appear in the next issue of ALE; he was anxious that members should visit TC, Watney and Whitbread houses in particular. J. Bishopp is obtaining print quotes for the 1980 edition of Real Ale in Cambridgeshire. The problem of access to pubs by disabled people was discussed.
  12. Annual General Meeting, Loughborough, 13-20 April 1980: P. Hoare agreed to make a block booking, names and details to him by the end of February. J. Bishopp suggested that the Branch should pay for the hire of a coach, which also might pick up members from other branches en route to Lougborough.
  13. Dates of future meetings were announced by G. Chapman.
  14. Any other business: There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.08pm.

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