ALE Monthly No. 211 October 1981


[A compendium of short items spread throughout the 1981 edition - 1998 Ed.]

That splendid riverside pub, the Spade & Becket on Thompson's Lane, is going through a minor rearrangement. The food counter, which previously used to be on the main bar in the main body of the pub, is being moved to the small area to the left of the front doors. The total area for food will be increased, as will be bar length for serving drinks. This should enable the 'Spade' to increase its already impressive range of snacks and full meals to complement the first-class Tolly beers.

I hear that some poor demented fool stole 27 bottles of Lager from a grocery store in Godmanchester recently. Poor chap. I hope the police find him and warn him before he does himself untold damage.

The Royal Oak at Stretham Ferry has closed its doors for the last time as a Whitbread pub. The potential here is enormous and anyone with a bit of spare cash and a lot of time could make a very good pub of it. Offers, please, to the Editor, and I will forward them to Whitbread.

I have it in writing from Greene King that their new "wondermash" (Yeoman) will be less gassy than most kegs and served at a higher temperature. What are they trying to do? Imitate real ale or something? This "joke" beer is surely destined to go the same way as the wanKingKeg!

Scottish & Newcastle seem to have really taken Tony Millns' article in last month's edition to heart. They are sacking 600 people from their head office and closing part of one of their Edinburgh "breweries". May I be so bold as to suggest a new advertising slogan? "If you can't brew good ale - close down!"

I have been asked to point out that the Benskin's KK which is sold in the Castle Wine Bar is not a bitter beer, it is "merely" KK Mild. Very good beer still, but not quite so much a bargain at 45p.

"Taste the beer and not the can"? I think the can tastes a lot better!

If anyone has any motions for debate at the AGM on 24th November, will they please make contact with Peter Hoare on Crafts Hill [xxxxx] as soon as possible.

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