ALE Monthly No. 211 October 1981

A Snip At The Price

The Cambridge Branch of CAMRA added a further 25 to the 150 raised at the dwyle flunking extravaganza in June which enabled Papworth Hospital to buy a pair of alligator biopsy forceps for its X-ray department. For the curious, we can do no better than reproduce the manufacturer's description of this instrument.

"Alligator forceps are used in conjunction with a Fibreoptic Bronchoscope for the purpose of taking biopsies. The forceps are threaded down the 'scope', once it is in position, and the biopsy (i.e. tissue cut from the living body) is taken from the bronchial tree. The procedure is carried out under X-ray screening control to enable correct alignment of the forceps within the lung. The forceps are so called because they act like the jaws of an alligator or crocodile - they open and 'swallow up' a piece of tissue which is then used for histological diagnosis."

The Branch Secretary has a drawing of the device in his file for those with any curiosity left. It was thought that some sort of ceremony might be held at the White Swan, Conington, but it is gratifying to know that the forceps are already being put to good use.

Peter Hoare

[1998 Ed.: article about Dwyle Flunking]

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