ALE Autumn 1995 No. 282

GBBF - The Great British Beer Festival

or The Great Beer Belly Flop - a personal experience by our Bill

Wc arrived courtesy of British Rail at Olympia to find a few odd fellows wandering around with silly hats on. We both laughed and said "stupid sods, they're obviously well tanked".

We opened our programme and gaped with awe and confusion. Where to start? So we set to with Maclay's and then we were away, moving from Scotland to Hertfordshire to Wales and, just for a bit of home support, to East Anglia. We took part in Rolling the Barrel and Northamptonshire Skittles; we watched trials of strength and auctions, and listened to some culture; we ate and ate and drank. Then some more. We gravitated towards British Rail, and as we were leaving, we contemplated buying some exotic headgear which looked the business.

The results of the voting on the 8 categories of beer were:
1st. Ridleys
2nd. Hoskins and Oldfield
3rd. Cain's Dark
1st. Cheriton Pots Ale
2nd. Everards Beacon
3rd. Oakham JHB
Best Bitters:
1st. Fuller's London Pride
2nd. Hogs Back TEA
3rd. Otter Ale
Strong bitters:
1st. Hadrian Centurion
2nd. Fuller's ESB
3rd. Hop Back Summer Lightning
Old Ales/Strong Milds:
1st. Theakson's Old Peculier
2nd. Orkney Dark Island
3rd. King and Barnes Old
Barley Wines:
1st. Cottage Norman's Conquest
2nd. Woodforde's Headcracker
3rd. Pilgrim Conqueror
1st. Harvey's Porter
2nd. RCH Old Slug Porter
3rd. Hop Back Entire Stout
Bottle-conditioned Beers:
1st. King and Barnes Festive
2nd. Gale's Prize Old Ale
3rd. Worthington White Shield
Overall Beer of the Festival:
Cottage Norman's Conquest

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