ALE Autumn 1995 No. 282

Demand Your Right to a Pint

CAMRA is renewing its demands that the Government take "full measures" to ensure drinkers who pay for a pint actually get a pint. With the traditional brim-measure glass it is very difficult to fit in both a pint of liquid and, if you want one, a head of foam. The answer is over-size glasses with a pint line. A couple of years ago, the Government announced its intentions to make these compulsory. However, the brewers complained so loudly that the Government withdrew the proposal. No point, was there, in upsetting major contributors to party funds.

The main objections from the brewers was an entirely spurious one - the cost of replacing glass stocks. The average shelf life of a glass is quite short - lined glasses were to have been gradually introduced over a periodweeks, with the unlined glasses dying a natural death.

It does not take much imagination to identify the real reason why the brewers made such a fuss. They would be required to provide the honest measure from their misbegotten profits. Any price increase would only highlight the rip-off that has been going on. The Brewers Society came up with their own guidelines - that customers should expect to get at least 95% of liquid in a pint. This is like a garage saying that when you pay for a gallon of petrol you will get 95% of it, or a shop selling you only 23 eggs for the price of a two dozen.

So, demand your rights. Always ask for a top-up if the glass is not full. First make sure that you are not in one of the honest lined glass establishments - scrutinise the glass: the lines are quite easy to see on the over-size glass. If you have any problems, please let this newsletter know. We will gladly highlight your difficulties.

Think what it is costing you, if you have any qualms about making a fuss. If a pint costs 1.80 and it's 5mm short, you have been cheated 9p. More frequently, you will find that it is 10mm short: your loss of 16p. You will receive 10 pints for about the price of 11.

It is this Government which, by doing nothing, is clearly to blame. [1998: no change there - see Roundup.]

ALE Autumn 1995 No. 282
Cambridge & District CAMRA