ALE Easter 1996 No. 283

Brewery News

The Old Chimneys Brewery on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, near Diss, has added Military Mild and a winter warmer to its range. Both have been featured recently at The Kings Reach. A stout is next on the list: we look forward to it.

McMullen's beers should now be available more regularly round here, since they have extended their trading area northwards.

Look out for Cobbold's 250 Special, a 6% ale to be brewed in the Spring to celebrate 250 years of breing at the Cliff Quay Brewery site.

Bob Moss praises Greene King

Good news from Greene King. Firstly the adjusted recipe of Abbot to give it a smoother, richer taste and to remove the headache-inducing alcohols is voted a huge success. Secondly, the seasonal ales will all reappear this year along with two new ones. Royal Raven is one of these - a rich malty black stout of 4.5% - and it is in the pubs until April 12th. Thirdly to Bob's delight the brewery's advice to licensees is that if a cask turns over within 72 hours there is no reason to use a cask breather on it, thus allowing the beer to mature properly. Efforts to supply their beer in more appropriate cask sizes are being considered.

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