ALE August/September 1996 No. 285

Pub of the Year and Landlord of the Year 1996

From a short list comprising the Cambridge & District Branch voted for the Pub of the Year. A condition of voting was that every pub had to be visited.

The winner is The Ship, Brandon Creek

Publican Tony Hook was to be presented with a CAMRA Certificate at the opening of the Beer Festival. Tony was unable to be present however. The presentation therefore took place at the Ship on 16 July.

Featured in the 1996 Good Beer Guide

The Ship is in an area steeped in history and has a story which needs to be properly researched before it can be told. The plan is to do justice to the story in the next edition. For now, the description in the 1996 Good Beer Guide reads as follows: And from Pints Worth Finding: The Castle, Castle Hill, was a contender for Pub of the Year until it was learned at the last minute that landlord Fred Vesey was soon leaving the pub. While it is true that the pubs' presence on this list are due to their achievements over the past year, the Committee feel it was essential that the publican was expected to be in residence for the next six months. It would be difficult to promote the winner as such with a new publican: the publican would be reticent about the win if he had not contributed to it. However the branch wanted to recognise the contribution Fred had made to the success of The Castle and were pleased to make an award of Publican of the Year to him.

Pints Worth Finding

A CAMRA guide to pubs in Southern Cambridgeshire

Price 3 inc. p&p from 47 Cambridge Rd., Gt. Shelford.
Includes 1996 Update.

Also available from various pubs (e.g. the Cambridge Blue).

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