ALE November/December 1996 No. 286

Collectors Corner

Brewery and beer related items are collected by quite a lot of people. The range of "breweriana" includes beermats, beer labels, commemorative bottled beers, ashtrays, bar-towels, trays, matchstrikers, advertising figures and other advertising/promotional material, bottle openers - in fact if it has a brewery or beer name on it, someone will collect it. There are even people collecting paper napkins with brewery names on them.

Commemorative bottled beers received a lot of publicity around the time of the Queen's Silver Jubilee (1977) and the Charles and Di Royal Wedding (1981), and a lot of people bought these beers. If you have some of these beers and think you are sitting on a gently appreciating asset, then that is a problem. A lot of people bought these beers and there are still many of them around. Few of the Silver Jubilee or Royal Wedding beers are worth that much and some, particularly from the national or large regional brewers, are at best worth no more than you paid for them when they appeared. However, a few are scarce and do have some value. Perhaps worth more than 10 are the following beers from the two events, with those marked * probably worth more than 50:

Anyone interested in collecting bottled beers? The Association of Bottled Beer Collectors would like to hear from you. Contact Graham Tubbs, Membership Secretary, 66, High St., Puckeridge, Ware, Herts SG11 1RX.

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