ALE Spring 1997 No. 287

CAMRA Hits 50,000 Landmark

Highest membership in history

The Campaign for Real Ale's UK membership grew by 8% last year and now exceeds 50,000 individual drinkers. Membership has trebled in the last ten years and further growth is expected. It's been called Europe's most successful consumer organisation.

Head of Campaigns Stephen Cox said, "Our recent victory over the European threat to guest beer shows how effective our campaigning is in protecting the rights of drinkers. (Last August the Eurocrats announced they would take legal action against the British Guest Beer Law, claiming that it discriminated against imports! CAMRA's massive campaign demonstrated just how wrong this was).

CAMRA's campaigning is as important as ever. High beer taxes threaten pubs with closure, archaic licensing laws are unfair and threaten choice, and industry mergers offer no benefits to consumers. We need to recruit new members to make sure that the views of British drinkers are heard on all issues".

Members benefit from the unique social and campaigning activities of CAMRA's 190 branches at a local level as well as national campaigns.

Steve Cox added, "Real ale attracts people from all walks of life - our 145 annual beer festivals attract an increasingly varied clientele. Many of our members are women and its good news that so many young people are joining and enjoying the social as well as the serious side of campaigning."

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