ALE Spring 1997 No. 287

Pub Life - A Day Off Down The Drain

Carl said, "Jot something down for ALE, I've got a hole to fill". As usual, I haven't learnt and said "Yes, of course". Then I sat with pencil poised and a blank piece of paper in front of me. So I thought about writing about my week.

Monday is our day off, so I was up about 7.30 to see number one son to school. Post arrived 8.30 so I dealt with anything urgent and turned to my household chores as "She who must" returned from dealing with the baby. The phone went at 10.30; it was Greene King (I've trained them; they used to ring at nine), so I reeled off my order. Then phoned the Fenland Brewery to say I had run out again, so could Rob deliver yet more of his FBB. This might be a problem as his van had just been nicked.

About 11 o'clock, I got dressed in scruffs so I could do some gardening, car-cleaning and work in the cellar. Then a hopeful brewery rep turns up to ply his trade and asked to see the Landlord. At the time I was cleaning the drain out of the cellar that had blocked up with leaves. I introduced myself as the Landlord, offered my hand which was refused, and explained that it was my day off. Could he ring back and make an appointment for tomorrow perhaps? "But I've come from .......... (a longish way off)" the young man wailed. I replied I was in the proverbial so unless he wanted to help, he could go and ...... wait? (terrible writing).

With the drain running sweetly, I wash hands and have a cuppa and a sandwich. I prepare the banking and make my way to that fine institution that takes my ill-gotten gains. They regard me with a reproachful stare. I return to the garden and am just getting stuck in when the phone rings with bookings for the following week-end. Now I am in trouble with "She who must" as l) I've brought mud in and 2) in my rush, I knocked over the bucket of water she was washing the floor with. Back to the garden, but by now No. l has returned from school and wants to help.

I come in, bath and change. "She who must" informs me Fred can't come in tonight so I will have to work. I set to and get the pub ready for the onslaught of the dommie crew and the bowls team. Have some tea with the family, then downstairs to open. The first crowd comes in looking for food, so I apologise, "but it is my day off, so no food I'm afraid".

Carry on the evening, then all done, pub tidied, ready for me to come back to work tomorrow. "She who must" says well, what a day off she's had! She has played with no.2 child, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the flat, cleaned the hall again after I had tramped through, re-stocked for the next day, fed the family...........

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