ALE Summer 1997 No. 288

Brewery News

Greene King

Selected tenants will soon be offered a guest beer. This will derive from reciprocal deals with other smaller regional brewers [such as the deal with Marston's]. Each beer will be selected by GK and be available for a month at a time. The seasonal ale programme is to be expanded so that a new one appears every month. Old Goat, a German-style Bock beer is the choice for July followed by Fantasy Ale in August. Rayments Special is to be phased out and replaced with a new mid-gravity beer still under development (something like Hobson's Choice?).

Charles Wells

CAMRA has been critical of Wells espousal of the tight sparkler for service of their beers. We reckon it emasculates the flavour of the ale which is a high price to pay for a bit of froth on the top. To their credit, Wells have paid heed and developed a new sparkler which produces a looser head and which, they say, has no detrimental effect on the beer. We will try it with interest. Fargo has been reduced to a seasonal winter ale.


New summer beer called Regatta, 4.3%, launched in June, followed in the Autumn by a reappearance of Oyster Stout, 4.5%. Adnams will battle on as an independent brewer despite problems caused by big brewers, Brussels and nitrokeg.

ALE Summer 1997 No. 288
Cambridge & District CAMRA