ALE Spring 1998 No. 290

The Cask Marque

This is a nationally recognised and respected award to the licensee when quality standards in cask ale have been met. By improving quality, it is believed that sales of cask ale can reverse the decline over the last couple of years which have seen a trend towards cooler drinks. The pilot scheme is being run by a number of brewers in the first half of this year, with the first awards due out soon. If the pilot scheme is successful, the Marque will then be opened to the whole industry, both retailers and brewers.

The award is made to the publican, not the pub, and is therefore transferable. Each applicant is visited twice in three months by an inspector who assesses the beer on condition, appearance, taste, temperature and character. If they pass they are awarded a plaque. There are regular follow-up inspections and repossession if the beer does not meet the required standards. Publicans awarded the Plaque will feature in this newsletter - the Cambridge Branch having been interested in a quality audit for some time, supports the idea.

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