ALE Summer 1998 No. 291

A Colourful Episode in the Story of the Green Man

Five to six years ago, our 1998 Rural Pub of the Year, The Green Man, Thriplow, was saved from permanent closure by dedicated local enthusiasm. The latest exciting development in the pub has added a greater depth of warmth where the new refurbishment has introduced heavy contrasting colours in the two bar rooms. Aviators and navigators will no doubt appreciate the correctness of port and starboard colours.

The candlelit deep pink room provides the more relaxing mood which, with the aid of suitable lighting, brings out the mellowness of the bar counter. Baskets of dried flowers have been thoughtfully presented. The green room is more challenging, more thought-provoking, stimulating to the public-bar rhetoric. A few old doms players would not look out of place. A ceiling fan stirs the air.

Both sides benefit from the Mac Rutherford [a specialist in pub & hotel interiors] style of wildly differing tables; artefacts random but contained on shelves or in dressers and plenty of pictures and posters neatly framed, breweriana or old Thriplow. Dry-hopping around the bar lobby nicely frames the vista whichever way you look, with a similar matching adornment around the archway at the entrance. The small back lounge remains a much sought-after position with a three-piece suite around a small table and very convenient for the garden.

The garden! A vast expanse of elegant lawns, groundlit by small globes sprouting from flower-beds, around a feature seat ideal for a romantic interlude when the shrubs get bigger. There is a large patio for those with a distrust of grass and a wishing-well with a fountain.

[Follow-up in ALE 304]

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