ALE Summer 1998 No. 291

The Secret's Out

GK head brewer, Alistair Heeley, collected the Gold Medal at the 1998 Brewing Industry International Awards for Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale, first in the premium strength (5%-6.9%) packaged ales category. This scarce beer is brewed using the famous 5X brew matured in old oak casks for two years. Alistair purred, "It's tremendous to have gained international acclaim and the gold award for a beer that we have always been proud of, but have to some extent kept under a bushel. Strong Suffolk has got to be the brewing world's best kept secret. We know of only one other brewery in the world that brews and blends in the same way as we do Strong Suffolk, and that's in Belgium. Strong Suffolk is a beer that Britain can really boast about."

Follow-up in ALE 292

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