ALE November 1998 No. 292

The Live Lives Again!

On September 22nd, just after the staff had left The Live & Let Live (Mawson Rd., Cambridge) after the end of the lunchtime session, a fire started via an electrical fault in the bar fridge. Fortunately a neighbour spotted the smoke and called the Fire & Rescue service, who got there within a minute or so as a fire engine happened to be in the vicinity. The bar area was wrecked but the rest of the downstairs and cellar suffered mainly smoke damage. Fortunately the upstairs flat was unaffected.

After a frantic three weeks, the pub reopened on the evening of October 14th. It remained closed during the day to permit completion of the kitchen, which reopened on November 4th.

There's a new set of glasses & optics (the old ones having melted or shattered) and also of hand pumps. The supplier of the latter sent swan neck ones by mistake but then sent a chap to convert them just in time for the reopening, which got considerable coverage on local BBC TV, in conjunction with landlord Pete Gray's receipt of a Cask Marque award [see Cask Marque]. The BBC crew are based nearby on Hills Road and had arrived at the scene of the fire shortly after the Fire Service.

The beers remain the same: Bateman's Mild, Everard's Tiger, B&T Edwin Taylor's Stout, Nethergate Umbel Ale, Bruno's Bitter, Adnam's Bitter, Hoegaarden plus guests and the local cider, Cassels' Shelford. Pete has taken the opportunity to convert a storage area to extra seating.

The pub has had tremendous support from its neighbours and staff and all concerned had a private party to celebrate progress just before the reopening. An Environmental Health Officer turned up and stated that the neighbours might complain about the noise - even though they were all at the party and there was no power!

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