ALE November 1998 No. 292

Consumer Surveys

CAMRA conducted a major consumer survey in July 1998 (963 people). The research showed that: This shows that the big pub chains, by their pushing often-short-lived town centre retail concepts, are putting pressure on the pubs which matter to the general public.


The results of CAMRA's annual prices survey for 1998, with rises since the 1997 survey.
South East1.854.5%2.005.3%
East Anglia1.784.1%1.935.5%
South West1.774.1%1.902.3%
E. Midlands1.623.8%1.761.7%
W. Midlands1.550%1.773.5%
North West1.472.8%1.724.9%

What's Important

The Scotland on Sunday of 25th October had an article called "Last orders called on theme pubs", based on a MORI poll about what was important in a pub. "Clean toilets" topped the list at 82%, closely followed by "clean bar". "Friendly staff" and "quality of food" were around 70%, followed by "speed of service" at 60%. "Choice of lunch" only scored 30% and lastly "range of real ale" only rated 18% (note: not "quality").
As quoted by Ray Proven on the Internet news group

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