ALE May 1999 No. 294

Central Essex Pork Scratchings

An announcement...

The Chelmsford & Mid-Essex branch of CAMRA are starting to work on The Central Essex Pub Guide which will be published in June/July 2000. It will largely follow the format of the award winning Colchester & South Suffolk Guide which was published at the end of last year.

The one thing that will make our new guide unique is the inclusion of a item on pork scratchings. The article will consist of a brief piece on the history, social relevance & availability of pork scratchings both nationally & locally, followed by a review of products available in Essex pubs.

The reason I'm breaking this exciting news to you is that we would be really chuffed to have an input from others outside the branch.

If you feel you can help by reviewing a brand of pork scratchings or making us aware of a great pub in the area please contact us.


Please contact Brian Debenham - see the Chelmsford & Mid-Essex CAMRA pages.

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