ALE May 1999 No. 294


The last two editions of ALE were packed with local and national campaigning articles (no apologies for that), squeezing the layout and contents more than we would have wished. This edition is back to the less "intense" form, with a wider range articles.

Even if you think you're not going anywhere near Stamford, we think you'll find the article about some of its pubs interesting - there are so many good ones within a short walk of each other. The picturesque and largely unspoiled town was used for the filming of the recent adaptation of Middlemarch.

As usual we report on some of the recent national industry and local pub changes. The rate of changes to pubs in the area, whether in landlord or by refurbishment or through sale, is a worry.

Finally, we give some historical perspective to all the changes. Paul Ainsworth paints a fascinating picture of a pub of yesteryear. As an interesting comparison to today's concerns about youth and circuit drinking, read what was said in 1900.

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