ALE November 1999 No. 296

Prices Survey 1999

In June the Encyclopedia Britannica announced a comparison of prices with 100 years ago. Most items are cheaper now, such as chocolate & jeans but beer, public transport and admission to soccer matches are far more expensive.

Prices expected now:

Soft drinks

Greene King are trialling a cheap soft drinks initiative in some pubs - parts of the industry are conscious of criticisms that soft drinks are a "rip-off". In November the Government referred the matter to the Office of Fair Trading, whilst a report showed that pubs are 3-4 times more expensive than supermarkets but are much cheaper than hotels and restaurants.

A quick, informal survey of lemonade prices around Cambridge in May indicated the problem. A normal-sized portion without ice was requested in each case.

Cambridge & District Branch Prices Survey 1999

Covering 13 pubs, a mix of city centre, suburban and rural.

CAMRA National Prices Survey 1999

(Inflation rate 3.5%)

East Anglia is the most expensive area after London & the South East; the North West is the cheapest.

91% of pubs serve short measure (1998: 89%).

24% of pubs have no-smoking provision (1998: 24%).
Of them:

(CAMRA National Prices Survey 1998)

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