ALE 27th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 298

The Foreign Beer List

Welcome to this year's Foreign Beer Bar of the Cambridge Beer Festival, this time positioned at the main entrance to the beer tent, next to the cider & perry bar.

There have been a few changes in the beer range this year and for the first time we are trying out a draught beer: Leeuw Valkenburg Wit, a citric Weiss Beer from Valkenburg, a village just outside Maastricht in SE Holland. The Leeuw ("Lion") brewery also brews a Pilsner and an Alt beer.

We also hope to have a Kolsch-style beer from Cologne in Germany. Although it looks like a largered beer and tastes a bit like one, it is in fact an ale as it is top-fermented.

We also have some old favourites such as Orval, Rochfort, Christoffel Blond and Schnider Weisse and some other beers new to the bar which are well worth trying, depending on what our supplier can find.

And if we can get hold of any, try one of the special Easter beers from Holland.

Now for the serious bit - The Bar Rules to be obeyed please:

  1. No drinking from the bottle. All beer will be poured into your glass. No glass, no service.
  2. Bottles do not leave the bar opened. This is a safety measure designed to protect you, as well as the bottle costing us a deposit. Please do not ask to take an opened bottle away from the bar as a refusal often offends. Also, you can take away unopened bottles only if you are leaving the festival after buying them. If you want to put some by, we will do this for you until you leave.
  3. Enjoy yourselves! If you have any questions and we are not busy, then please ask. The staff like talking about beer!
If you find some beers you like and can't wait until next year, you can get them in Cambridge: just visit the Jug & Firkin (Bacchanalia) in Mill Road. If he doesn't have the one you want, he might be able to get it for you.

Also, if you are visiting the Low Countries or Amsterdam in the near future, why not pick up Tim Webb's Guide to Belgium and Holland and Hugh Shipman's Serious Drinkers Guide to Amsterdam from the Products stand? There is also a CAMRA guide to Northern France.

Please enjoy the Festival - Prost! Salut! Bottoms up!

Ron Buchet, Foreign Beer Bar Manager

Weisse Beer

Also known as white beer. Made from wheat and drunk with the sediment most definitely in.

Schnider Weisse: German beer, the King of Weisse Beer. This is the tastiest Weisse beer that you will come across. Slight hints of lemon and fruit, very refreshing.
Meisels Dunkel Weisse: German Beer, being a dark version, lots of taste and flavour, try it!
Kaats Wit: Dutch Weisse beer, from the Three Horns Brewery. Excellent.
Leeuw Wit: Dutch beer, the bar manager's favourite Weisse beer. Miss this and miss out!

Trappist Beer

Only allowed to be called Trappist if the beer is still brewed in the abbey.

Rochefort 8: complex trappist ale.
Rochefort 10: dark, complex trappist ale, yum!
Orval: the starter trappist, which is a superb beer in its own right. Slight taste of oranges to it.
Chimay Blue: the best of the most commercially available trappist. The Red is available in most superstores.
Westvleteren 8: do not miss this, although it won't be at its peak, as it is supposed to be laid down and left for a month before drinking. Do yourself a favour, though, have one!
Westmalle Tripel: light coloured strong trappist, with unique flavours.
La Trappe Tripel: the Dutch trappist brewery, very dark and complex.


A very unusual style of beer, only found in Belgium.

Cantillion Geuze: be warned, this is the ultimate Lambic. You will not have had anything like this before. It is sharp, tart and sour. If you want to impress the bar manager, buy him one, and he may waffle on for an hour about how it is produced!
3 Fonteinen Geuze: this blows your mind just like Cantillion, but isn't quite as sharp and is more rounded. Pass me a Geuze...
Old Beersel Kriek: also known as Vandervelden Kriek, how a good Lambic Kriek should be.
Girardin Framboise: good starter Lambic, the best framboise (raspberry beer) currently available.
Boon Framboise: another nice starter raspberry beer.

Fruit Beer

Similar to Lambic but either made using brown beer or syrup.

Rodenbach Alexander: slightly sour cherry beer, brown beer based.
Felix Kriek: brown beer based cherry beer, slightly sweet.
Echte Kriek: similar to Felix, but slightly sourer.
Jantjes Kersenbier: another brown beer based cherry beer, very different to our other two offerings.
Wiegelier: Dutch ale tasting of apricot, different and strong.


Jopen 3 grain Bok: Dutch Bok beer using three grains in it. Try it.
Strangaper: Dutch Ale
XX Bitter: Dutch version of 2X British bitter; nice.
Kwak: Belgian ale, quite strong. Unusual glasses are used to drink this excellent ale in Belgium.
Rodenbach Grand Cru: slightly sour dark ale, typical of Belgian Grand Crus.
Zatte: from the T'ij brewery in Amsterdam. Lovely and complex, try it.
Smisje Blond: honey ale from a brewery on the outskirts of Bruge. Lovely, interesting ale.
Piraat: dark, strong Belgian ale, quite spicy.

Brown Beer

Felix Old Bruin: sour brown ale, can be very refreshing.
Saison: from the Walloonian area of Belgium. A beer style all its own.
Saison Dupont: one of the best Belgian Saisons there is. Slightly sour, try it.
Rousse des Fagnes: a reddish, brown beer, reminiscent of Chouffe (I am informed).

Other German

Paulaner Salvator: strong German Lagered Beer, dark in colour. All its own flavours.
Paulaner Roggen: Roggen beer, quite refreshing.

American Section

Mendocino Red Tail: American Ale
St Stan Red Sky: reddish American ale.
St Stan Sky Whistlestop: new one from the St Stan brewery, unknown.


(We don't sell Lager, there is no such drink.)

Christoffel Blond: lovely flowery nose to this Pilsner style beer.

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