ALE 27th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 298

The Cheese List

We have 50 different cheeses for you to try this year. Here's the list, and the sessions at which they will be available.

This year we have greatly expanded our range of Farmhouse cheeses to include more goat and ewe milk products, many of which are made from unpasturised milk. In accordance with Trading Standards Office requirements these cheese are labelled in the text as Raw Milk (unpasteurised), together with the origin of the milk i.e. Cow, Ewe, Goat or Buffalo. These cheese are deemed unsuitable for the very old and unfirm, expectant mothers or very young children. Also in the list is when the cheese will (hopefully) be available. If you are in any doubt, please ask the Manager of the food counter.

We hope we find something for you to enjoy. These cheeses have more flavour than your processed supermarket stock.

Thank You

John Anderson, Food Bar Manager.

Cheeses from Gloucestershire

Birdwood House Farm
1Double GloucesterVEGRAW MILKCOWall week Made with milk from their own farm-assured herd into deep rounds, firm but supple and smooth. Beneath the rind the texture is firm and the colour is a deep orange, nutty and mellow and aged for at least 3 months.
2Birdwood DunlopVEGRAW MILKCOWall week Made to a traditional Scottish recipe, firm, subtle, smooth, sweet and buttery with a bite on the finish.
Cerney Cheese
3CerneyVEGRAW MILKGOATall week Named after the village, these cheeses are coated with black ash/sea salt mix, fresh, mild and pleasantly goaty with a suggestion of white wine and herbs.
4Cerney CannonVEGRAW MILKGOATall week This fresh cheese is washed in marl then wrapped in vine leaves which impart a slightly vegetal taste and a hint of yeast.
Charles Martell
5Double GloucesterVEGPASTCOWall week Firm and dense with a tangerine orange colour, buttery in the mouth with a fresh acidity on the finish.
6Single GloucesterVEGPASTCOWall week Made from the milk of a small herd of rare old glossier cows, a mild sweet, almost buttery taste and a slightly lactic finish. It is eaten young, at 10-14 weeks. This cheese is protected by law and may only be made in Gloucestershire.
7Hereford HopVEGPASTCOWall week A rustic looking cheese, firm, dense matured and coated in lightly toasted hops. A mild buttery flavour, enhanced by the strong aroma and contrasting taste of the yeasty hops.
8Double BerkeleyVEGPASTCOWall week A firm cheese distinguished by its mottled appearance from the addition of annatto - a natural dye.
9Stinking BishopVEGPASTCOWall week A Wash rind cheese, originally made by the Cistercian Monks in the area. Washed in the fermented pear juice (Perry) the rind develops a pungent orange sticky rind. Stinking Bishop is named after an old variety of local pear.
10Mayhill GreenVEGPASTCOWall week This cheese is wrapped and matured in nettle leaves.
Smarts Natural Dairy Products
11Double GloucesterVEGRAW MILKCOWall week Hand-made, the milk from their own herd, is matured up to seven months. There is a hint of smoke and effervescent acidity.
12Single GloucesterVEGRAW MILKCOWall week A hard cheese, dry in texture, matured for fifteen months, producing a full savoury flavour.
13HarefieldVEGRAW MILKCOWall week Made from full cream and semi-skimmed milk, lemony in colour and tasting of Double Cream and scorched caramel.

Cheeses from elsewhere

14CheddarPASTCOWall week The milk, coming from a single herd, makes Quicke's award winning cheddar. It is made in the traditional cloth round which weighs between 58-60lb for a firm, chewy, buttery texture - tangy complex aromas tasting of green grass and fresh hay. Quicke's have been making cheddar for the last 400 years.
15CaerphillyPASTCOWall week The cheese, soaked in a brine bath overnight to seal in the moisture, has a fresh, clean grass taste - flaky firm yet moist texture.
16LancashirePASTCOWall week One of Britain's oldest cheeses and mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, this has a distinct character which is derived from the salt marshes in which the cattle graze. Bound in calico then sometimes waxed - fine crumbly yet moist texture. Savoury with gentle, green bitter tang and slightly salty.
17CheshirePASTCOWall week Traditional Lancashire cheese is made from the combined curd of three consecutive days. It has a light, salty flavour and a soft buttery feel, yet is slightly lumpy like scrambled egg.
18WensleydaleVEGPASTCOWall week This is a classic Yorkshire Dales cheese based on a recipe introduced by the Cistercian monks in the 12th century. It has a white close, fine crumbly body. A mild, refreshing flavour, a characteristic derived from the diverse natural grazing of the Dales limestone pastures.
19Vegetarian Black Waxed CheddarVEGPASTCOWall week
20Red LeicesterPASTCOWall week This cheese has been produced in volume since the late 18th century but virtually disappeared during World War II when the use of annato (a naturally-occurring dye from the seed of a South American tree) was banned. When production restarted after the war this cheese became known as Red Leicester to distinguish it from its tasteless impostor. Traditionally made in large cloth bound millstones and matured for 6-9 months. It has a deep russet red colour, a firm, flaky buttery texture - slightly sharp butterscotch richness, rather nutty with a medium to strong flavour.
21Coloured (Red) CheshirePASTCOWall week Sometimes know as Red Cheshire, this cheese is made to the same recipe as its white counterpart with annato dye to produce an attractive pale, salmon pink colour.
Blue Cheese
22StiltonPASTCOWall week This cheese, protected from the early 1900s, can only be produced in the counties of Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. Stilton is a soft white cheese made in 18lb cylindrical moulds then pierced to allow air to penetrate and produce the distinctive blue veining and matured for about 15 weeks. Rich, very creamy with a distinctive spicy blue tang.
23Shropshire BluePASTCOWall week Creamy with the blue veins spreading through the deep orange interior. Spicy, but not as strong as Stilton. Best when fully matured at 15-18 weeks.
24Blue WensleydaleVEGPASTCOWall week A hand-crafted cloth-bound cheese made in cylinders. Firm but supple, crumbly, moist texture. A strong, distinct blue tang with a fresh acidity on the finish.
25Cashel BlueVEGPASTCOWall week Ireland's original farmhouse blue made from their pedigree herd. A firm cheese becoming soft and almost runny with age with a pronounced creamy blue tang.
Fowlers Forest Creamery
26Sage DerbyVEGPASTCOWall week Created to the authentic Fowler family recipe, slightly softer than Cheddar, it has a savoury bite. The strong flavour of the finely chopped sage permeates through the cheese.


Wensleydale Creamery
27Red Wensleydale and BlueberriesVEGPASTCOWMon./Fri. evening A deep red crumbly cheese, strongly flavoured by the whole blueberries liberally used through the cheese.
28Innkeeper's ChoicePASTCOWMon./Fri. evening
29Cornish YargVEGPASTCOWTue. lunch/Fri. evening A medium pressed cheese wrapped in nettles which contrast with the white interior - slight vegetal taste, fresh and lemony softens and develops more character with age.
30TewksburyPASTCOWTue. lunch/Fri. evening A Double Gloucester cheese with herbs.
Chiltern Brewery
31Chiltern Beer CheesePASTCOWTue./Fri. evening Flavoursome and cheddary fortified with Beechwood Bitter Premium Ale.
Cropwell Bishop
32White Stilton and ApricotPASTCOWWed. lunch/Fri. evening A mild flavoured white cheese delicately flavoured by the addition of apricots.
33Melton IntriguePASTCOWWed. lunch/Fri. evening A soft creamy blue cheese with a mild tangy blue bite.
34HathertonPASTCOWWed./Fri. evening A green-waxed white crumbly cheese liberally sprinkled with spring onions.
35Porto (with Guinness)PASTCOWWed./Fri. evening
Chiltern Brewery
36Terrick TrucklePASTCOWThurs. lunch/Fri. evening A tangy cheese with the full flavour of Chiltern Ale Mustard.
37Windsor RedPASTCOWThurs. lunch/Fri. evening A Cheddar-type cheese with elderberry wine giving a reddish pink colour and a distinctive flavour.
Exmoor Blue Cheeses
38Blissfull BuffaloVEGRAW MILKBUFFALOThurs./Fri. evening One of only two blue buffalo milk blues - the spicy tang of the blue is offset by the smooth earthy taste of the buffalo milk.
Swaledale Cheese Company
39Old Peculiar SwaledaleVEGPASTCOWFri. lunch and evening The still warm curd is generously soaked in Theakstons Old Peculiar Ale then lightly pressed creating a marbled effect. The yeasty background contrasts well with the fresh creaminess of the cheese. Black-waxed.
40Smoked CheddarPASTCOWFri. lunch and evening

Ewe's milk cheeses

Shepherd Purse
41Herriot FarmhouseVEGPASTEWEMon./Fri. evening Made from a 19th century recipe, this semi-hard cheese develops a nutty natural rind during ripening. The cheese captures the flavours of the local herbage.
42SwaledaleVEGPASTEWETue./Fri. evening Traditional Dale cheese, firm, yet slightly crumbly in texture with a fresh acidity and sweetness that reflects the character of the grazing, buttery, delicate, herbaceous and aromatic.
43Olde YorkeVEGPASTEWEWed. lunch/Fri. evening Made form an original York recipe, soft, moist and flaky with a decided twang when matured.
44Mrs Bell's BlueVEGPASTEWEThurs. lunch/Fri. evening A hand made Blue cheese, when young has a slightly crumbly texture which develops to a rich creamy texture with maturity. A full blue flavour without sharpness or acidity.
45WensleydaleVEGPASTEWEThurs./Fri. evening The monastic wealth of the Cistercian Houses derived from the wool clips provided by the large flocks of sheep kept by the monks and their tenant farmers. These same flocks provided the milk used in the original Wensleydale cheese introduced in to the Yorkshire Dales. This cheese, revived in the last few years, is cloth bound with a firm but moist texture, a unique clean bite and flavour.
46Quantock BlueVEGRAW MILKEWEFri. lunch and evening A compact blue with a thick grey crusty rind. A powerful mouth-watering finish, peppery hot and spicy, mature after about five weeks.

Goat's milk cheeses

(see Cerney and Cerney Cannon above also)
Island Cheese Company, Isle Of Arran
47CrottinVEGPASTGOATTue. lunch/Fri. evening A fine white powdery mould with a nutty, mild goaty taste.
48Ribblesdale Original GoatVEGPASTGOATTue./Fri. evening A fresh, goaty flavour with a firm dense moist texture, and a flavour of chicory and almonds.
Exmoor Blue Cheeses
49Brendon BlueVEGRAW MILKGOATWed./Fri. evening Full fat cheese with a subtle bitterness like young chicory, with a grey natural crust and spicy flavour.
Ticklemore Cheese
50Ticklemore Goats CheeseRAW MILKGOATThurs./Fri. evening Flattened sphere hand-pressed into basket-type moulds with a natural rind. Distinct aromatic goat's milk - firm, almost flaky texture.

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