ALE 27th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 298

A word from our sponsors

WorldPay plc - the quick and easy way to sell online
It was a difficult decision, but it actually took the management of WorldPay less than two seconds to decide to sponsor this year's Cambridge Beer Festival. As many of our staff came to us by conversations in the Pub between friends, we thought we would formalise the recruitment process and sponsor a beer festival!

There is also the small coincidence that our offices overlook the City Football Ground - but having said that we haven't ever sponsored the football. In the hierarchy of staff interests at WorldPay, beer comes marginally before football (but only just).

It's been a wonderful year for WorldPay and our software that enables retailers large and small to build an online shop, whatever their level of technical expertise and then accept secure, multi-currency payments over the internet from credit or debit cards has been in high demand.

Since we moved into the Westbrook Centre in June 1999, we've expanded our eCommerce solutions into 49 countries world-wide, and taken our staff numbers from 20 to 120. Obviously, the combination of beer and football has proven a heady brew for prospective staff (sorry, the "heady brew" comment had to come in somewhere). So if you know your way around HTML, or more importantly find yourself to be a Java Guru, then talk to us on the WorldPay stand or visit our website at: www.worldpay.com

Additionally, if you have a good working knowledge of business Tibetan then we might just want to hear from you. We've got seven languages in our call centre currently and are looking to expand. That strange slurred language everyone uses when they're drunk does not count however, so please make sure that your "real" language is not a fermentation of your real ale!

[Presentation of cheque] Our other rather tenuous excuse for sponsoring this event is that this beer festival is a rather international affair. You will be asked, nay ordered, to taste a variety of beers and foods from different parts of the planet. Our eCommerce solutions (seamless link there) allow our customers across the planet to buy internationally but pay locally - in one of 169 currencies. So, if you taste a beer you like here today, you may just (thanks to WorldPay) be able to buy large quantities of it online in the future!

So remember, a beer is for life, not just for festivals.

Cheers to you all,

David Sear
Chief Operating Officer
WorldPay plc

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