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Cask Marque

Generally, CAMRA is happy to give broad support to the Cask Marque scheme on the basis that it champions beer quality by accrediting real ale cellarmanship.

However at the detailed level it seems all's not well.

As an example, in theory a beer could arrive from a brewery at a Cask Marque pub and be properly looked-after in the cellar according to the approved standards. It could then be delivered, chilled, via inappropriate dispense (e.g. sparker) to the customer, who finds the beer is bad - as that's how it came from the brewery.

In summary

For 2001

However, as described in What's Brewing November 2000, Cask Marque plans to extend its scope in 2001: If these work as intended, they should address most of the problems.
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Good Beer Guide 2001

The "Key to Symbols" has an unfortunate error: for the Cask Marque accreditation symbol it says "all such pubs are chosen by CAMRA" whereas it should make it clear that such pubs passed the Cask Marque audit and then were independently chosen by CAMRA branches for the GBG.

Branch Cask Marque page.

How to get What's Brewing.

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