ALE Winter 2000 No. 300

Government Watch

The Queen's Speech December 2000

This announced the following pub-related measures: [No. 10 News Item]

Small Brewery Stealth Tax

The tax saga of a year ago has been resolved according to the November What's Brewing: when small breweries slightly overfill casks so as to be sure they're full, the excess will be taxed on a sliding scale according to circumstances. A victory for common sense and campaigning!

Beer Orders

The Department of Trade and Industry has at last responded to the Office of Fair Trading's review of the 1989 Beer Orders. After the inevitable consulation exercise, the plan is that the restrictions on pub ownership are to go as the industry has changed so much. However to protect traditional pubs and choice, the right of tenants to a guest beer will stay, as will the ban on selling a pub with a condition preventing its further use as a pub.

[ Press Release 1-Dec-2000]

Beer Tax

The Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association is running an e-poll & e-petition against the high beer tax, as the Society of Independent Brewers did a year earlier.


Full Pints

The Government proposes the following: CAMRA research carried out in December 2000 showed that 82% of 1000 adults questioned agreed or agreed strongly with the following statements:

Recent research by CAMRA reveals that:

See also Trading Standards.


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