ALE Spring 2001 No. 301

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival 2001

Thanks to all concerned, both customers and volunteers, for making the Festival such a success, with the evening sessions packed out.

By about noon on Friday the very rare hereabouts (and popular) Rockingham beers had run out.

We have to pay special tribute to Richard Naisby of Milton Brewery who worked a long shift behind the bar on Friday evening and then went to exceptional trouble later that night and on Saturday to supply us with two emergency reorders.

At the start of the Saturday evening session there were 21 of the original 43 beers left plus two new ones just supplied by Milton Brewery. By the end of the session only 12 gallons were left out of the 570-odd delivered on Tuesday.

Attila the Stockbroker was in good form and the Furry Steve Brothers provided excellent support.

Richard got his just reward in that attendees voted Milton's Colossus the Champion Beer. He also has been awarded Best Mild at the SIBA regional blind-tasting trials for Minotaur.

In second place was Elgoods with Ginger Wenceslas, specially brewed for the Festival, and in third place was City of Cambridge with Mich'ealmas.

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