ALE 28th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 302


30 Years of CAMRA

and 60,000 members

Yes, CAMRA has just passed the 30-year mark and the 60,000-member mark. Not only has Real Ale been saved but other long-fought-for goals seem to be within reach, thanks to the power of our membership: CAMRA recently published the following leaflet to summarise the campaign. Hopefully politicians will take note of it during the election season!

"Beer Drinkers and Pub Goers Charter"

Promotion of Choice

A diverse range of of quality beers served in pubs is vital to protect consumer choice and the vitality of Britain's pubs and brewers. The continuing existence of the Guest Beer provision is essential to maintain consumer choice.

Fair Measure

Consumers have a right to be served with full liquid pints. CAMRA supports legislation that prohibits short measures.

Progressive Beer Duty

Over 400 small brewers in the UK produce high-quality beers for local markets. A sliding scale of beer duty for Britain's smallest brewers will help them compete more effectively in a highly competitive market, dominated by multinational companies.

Licensing Laws

Britain's archaic and inflexible pub licensing laws are in need of reform. A more relaxed approach will benefit us all, allowing more freedom of choice as to where and when you can relax for a drink, as well as helping to stamp out binge drinking.

Responsible Drinking

CAMRA supports Government initiatives to encourage a more responsible approach to drinking.

In addition CAMRA supports the continued research into the health benefits of moderate drinking.

Fair Competition

The continued consolidation of pub and brewery ownership poses a potentially serious threat to the interests of consumers, by reducing competition and therefore choice.

The continued vigilance of the Competition Authorities is vital to ensure a level playing field for small operators and a fair deal for consumers.

Protecting Rural Pubs

In many villages pubs form a central part of the social fabric of community life. CAMRA believes that mandatory Rate relief should be extended to pubs in small villages to tackle the number of rural pub closures.

Excise Duty

Britain's high level of excise duty is creating serious economic and social problems. Pubs and breweries are being undermined as people cross the channel to purchase cheap beer. Even more worryingly the flood of cheap beer into Britain is undermining attempts to tackle alcoholism and reduce the number of underage drinkers.

To tackle these problems Britain's excise duty should be reduced to a level which will remove the incentive to smuggle.

A Fair Planning System for Pubs

Pubs are a crucial community amenity and any change of use that involves the closure of a pub must be subject to planning permission.

Do you want...

Top quality beer with genuine taste?
To choose when you visit the pub?
To go to decent pubs?
To pay less tax on your pint?
Time to join CAMRA!

What is CAMRA?

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, is a not-for-profit, independent voluntary consumer group which exists to promote the interests of both beer drinkers and pub goers.

CAMRA was set up in 1971 and now has over 60,000 members.

CAMRA is funded by members' subscriptions, sales of publications and proceeds from beer festivals.

CAMRA aims to:

ALE 28th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 302
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