ALE Summer 2001 No. 303

Your Branch Needs YOU!

With around 500 members (including joint memberships), Cambridge and District is one of the largest branches of CAMRA in the country. Yet almost all the running of the branch is done by about a dozen active members. To be frank, we need more help, because there are more jobs than people to do them.

Most obviously, we are desperately short of help during the set-up and take-down of the Beer Festival, even more so than during it (and that's bad enough). But there are other jobs that need to be done throughout the year. For example, we need a dedicated stores manager, who will maintain all of the Branch's equipment, and deal with hiring of bar counters etc. to other branches. And the counters are getting a bit old now, so we need a carpenter who can maintain and repair them, or even replace the ones that are ready to go the great festival in the sky. Another electrician to be on hand during the Festival would allow our chief cellarman to focus on his cellar duties.

Or perhaps you could organise trips, such as to pubs in the villages that us city folk would otherwise find difficult to get to. And then there's press liaison, or campaigning, or organising a Mild Trail in May (our Beer Festival Organiser/Stores Manager/Brewery Liaison Officer just didn't have time this year - see what I mean?)

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