ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival : Bacchanalia

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival

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Bacchanalia was started by Paul Bowes a few years ago now with a shop in Victoria Road (which specialises in wine but does carry some beer).

In January 2000 they took over the old Jug and Firkin Off License in Mill Road, much to relief of many who thought that they were going to lose a quality real ale off-license when the former owner decided to give up the business.

Since then Robin Naylor has worked very hard to build up the business, and the shop on Mill Road has recently had more shelves added to make more room.

This means that a fantastic range of beers from Belgium, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries are available, as well as many British bottled beers.

Be sure to check out this impressive selection, as Robin says he can find something for everyone.

Add to this a takeaway service of Real Ales straight from the barrel (which constantly change) and a line of quality wines and you can see that this is the place to shop for all your beer and wine requirements.

If you haven't been along, please do so, and check out the range.

We are pleased to say that Bacchanalia are sponsoring the Introduction to Belgian Beer tasting session at this year's festival.

Also, please note that all beers available on the Foreign Bar should be available from the Mill Road shop, and if Robin does not have it, he can get it for you.

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival
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