ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival : Cheeses

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival

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The Cambridge Cheese Company
Supplied by The Cambridge Cheese Company

Ash Pyramid (goat)
An ash-coated, flat-topped pyramid of soft cheese. with full-on complex flavours when older.
Gorwydd Caerphilly (cow)
Moist and crumbly with a pleasing damp cellar aroma and succulent, tangy flavours.
Cambridge Gumburner (cow)
A firm cheddar with a big, full-on flavour. Matured for at least 36 months.
Celtic Promise (cow)
A washed-rind cheese, firm and even, with herbal, spicy overtones.
Cambridge Cheese Company House Cheddar (cow)
A good example of a farmhouse cheddar from the West Country. Firm, friable texture and good tangy flavour.
Isle of Mull Cheddar (cow)
A pale cream coloured cheese that is fruity and nutty, developing bold tangy flavours with age.
Appleby's Red Cheshire (cow)
A crumbly, yet moist cheese with a piquant, tasty flavour. A good partner for most beers.
Cornish Yarg (cow)
A popular, mild crumbly style of cheese with a rind of nettle leaves.
Devon Garland (cow)
A medium strong Caerphilly style, with a layer of herbs and spring onions through the middle.
Flower Marie (ewe)
Soft creamy cheese beneath a bloom rind, delicious floral overtones.
Golden Cross (goat)
These bloom-rinded logs are first coated in ash. They have a dense, even texture and a medium-strong flavour.
Kirkham's Lancashire (cow)
Moist, buttery and gently crumbly; with excellent depth of flavour.
Ragstone (goat)
Semi-soft goat log that has a tangy, zesty flavour and natural bloom rind.
Quickes Red Leicester (cow)
A smooth, buttery textured cheese, orange-red paste with good depth of flavour.
Green's Smoked Cheddar (cow)
A pleasing balance of real oak-smoke, cheddar cheese and a smooth, even texture.
Swaledale Cow
A medium firm texture and pleasing mellow flavours.
Swaledale Goat
The grey, fluffy rind contrasts superbly with the bright white interior. Creamily moist with gentle, sweet overtones.
Swaledale Ewe
Sweet and pleasantly creamy flavour, delicate and not too strong.
Swaledale Old Peculiar (cow)
A winning combination of Yorkshire ale and medium matured cheese.
Tiskey Meadow (cow)
A medium firm cheese with a layer of sun-dried tomatoes and basil through the middle.
Tornegus (cow)
A beautifully tangy, springy-textured cheese that has become one of the classics of British cheese-making.
Hawes Wensleydale (cow)
A light, mild crumbly cheese from this successful creamery.
White Stilton (cow)
Moist and crumbly with a pleasing lactic bite.

Blue Cheeses - UK and Europe

Cashel Blue (cow) - Ireland
Lush and creamy with a medium strong flavour. Sometimes becomes soft and oozy at the edges.
Devon Blue (cow)
Moist and delicately crumbly with a lively bite from the blue.
Jersey Blue (cow)
A soft and strongly piquant style of blue cheese, a good partner for strong ales.
Picos de Europa Blue (cow)
Strongly blue with a distinctive bite and a full-on aroma. An attractive sycamore leaf rind keeps the cheese moist and creamy.
Shropshire Blue (cow)
Full flavoured and visually stunning blue cheese with an orange paste.
Smoked Blue Stilton (cow)
Moist and creamy Stilton with a gentle oak smoke - a winning combination.
Coiston Bassett Stilton (cow)
The best, creamiest Stilton available. Full, rich and succulent.

Soft Cheeses - UK and Europe

Avalon (cow)
Springy texture with pleasing piquancy; goes well with lighter styles of Trappist beers.
Camembert Fermier (cow) - France
Delicious French classic from a small-scale producer - how Camembert should taste. Excellent with ciders
Carrigbyrne Farmhouse (cow) - Ireland
A mild tasting bloom-rinded cheese. Becomes soft when mature.
Finn (cow)
A bloom rinded creamy cheese firm of texture, even when mature.
Lavistown (cow) - Ireland
A semi soft cheese with a good lactic bite and a buttery texture
Perroche (goat)
A young goats' cheese with a light coating of herbs - delicious and refreshing.

Guest Cheeses

A selection will be available throughout the festival
Brie de Coulommiers (cow) - France
A rarer type of Brie, with a rich, distinctive and creamy flavour.
Buche de Touraine (goat) - France
white bloomy rind and creamy medium flavour.
Caciotta Toscana (ewe) - Italy
Mild and sweet with subtle, herbaceous and nutty flavours.
Chabichou du Poitou (goat) - France
Soft textured and creamy goats' cheese with a medium flavour.
Mahon Artisano (cow) - Majorca
Springy texture and distinctive flavour great with medium to strong beers.
Mont Bru (goat) - Spain
A firm style of goats' cheese, full flavoured and very smooth, based on a Catalan recipe.
Monte Enebro (goat) - Spain
A rich and dense textured log which ripens from the outside. Distinctive and generous flavours, becoming stronger with maturity.
Morbier (cow) - France
Smooth, supple cheese distinguished by the blue line of charcoal ash through the middle. Sweet and spicy overtones.
Munster (cow) - France
Soft, intensely aromatic cream cheese; a perfect partner for full bodied and Trappist ales.
Pecorino Peperino (ewe) - Italy
Young caciotta spiced with chillis, a great favourite with chilli fans.
Pelardon (goat) - France
Soft-ish and mellow with classic goaty Mediterranean flavours
Perail de Brebis (ewe) - France
Flat discs of soft runny cheese, sweet and rich but not strong.
Pont L'Eveque (cow) - France
A mild and creamy square with a washed I natural rind. Ideal with cider.
Selles sur Cher (goat) - France
Moist and creamy cheese with a slightly granular texture and attractive grey rind.

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival
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