ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival : Foreign Beers

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival

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Foreign Beers

Last updated: 10-May-2002

Trappist Beers

Achel - New light Trappist ale
Orval - Light, hint of oranges
Rochfort 10 - Strong, dark ale
Westmalle Tripel - Strong, light ale

Lambic Beers

Cantillion Geuze - The sharpest and sourest Gueuze, excellent!
Cantillion Kriek - Sour cherry
Cantillion Rose de Gambrinus - 90% raspberry and 10% cherry, sour and excellent
De Cam Geuze - Newest Gueuze brewer, see what you think
De Ranke Kriek - Unusual cherry beer
De Troch Fond Geuze - Real Gueuze from De Troch, excellent
Drie Fontainen Geuze - Classic Gueuze
Girardin Black Label Geuze - Excellent starter Gueuze, tending toward the citric
Girardin Framboise - Sourish raspberry
Hansens Geuze - Return of this classic Gueuze. Try it!
Hansens Kriek - As for the Hansens Gueuze
Mort Subite Geuze - Classic, not quite as sharp Gueuze
Oud Beersel Geuze - Gueuze tending toward the citric

Ales and other Belgian Beers

Bieken Honey Beer - Tasting of honey ale
Braiserie De Geants Gouyasse - New beer to Belgium and the festival. See what you think!
Braiserie De Geants Saison Voisoin - New saison beer from new brewery
De Doller Oerbier - Unusual, slightly sour brown beer
De Ranke XX Bitter - Hops, Hops, Hops!
Duchess De Burgoine - West Flanders Red, sour and mature
Ellezelloise Hercule - Belgian Stout, named after the detective. Yummy!
Ellezelloise Quentine - Classic straw-coloured Belgian ale, slightly sweet
Felix Kriek - Sourish cherry beer
Felix Oud Bruin - Sour East Flanders brown
Moinette - Aromatic ale, lovely
Saison Dupont - A classic saison beer, with herbs
Vichtenaar - West Flanders Red, sour, fruity and bitter
Witkap Stimulo - Light tasting ale, with hop flavours, also lightly citric

Dutch Beers

Christoffel Blond - Dutch pilsner, very flowery and hoppy
Grottenbier - Interesting Dutch Ale
Leeuw Valkenburg Wit - Classic wheat beer
Maasland De Schele Os - One of the original Dutch micro ales, excellent
Maasland Witte Wieven - Dutch wheat beer, quite different from Leeuw
Paeleman Lam Gods - Easter beer, new to us!
Schelde De Zeeupier - Classic ale, spiced with orange peel and herbs
T`ij Columbus - Strong, dark ale

German Beers

Andechs Dunkel Weisse - Cracking dark wheat beer
Augustiener Helles - Classic German Helles
Augustiner Maximator - Classic beer from this classic brewery
Ayinger Altbairisch - Alt style beer from Bavaria. Interesting!
Dom Kolsch - Classic light beer, one of the best
Frankenheim Alt - Alt beer from Dusseldorf
Fruh Kolsch - Classic light beer, very popular
Goller Weisenbok - Malty dark wheat beer. Cross between bok and weisse. Nice!
Hannen Alt - Alt Beer from Dusseldorf
Jever Pils - Dry and hoppy
Radeburger - Pilsner beer
Schlenkerla Rauchbier - Smoked beer tasting of beefburgers, absolutely a classic
Schneider Aventinus - The dark wheat beer
Schneider Weisse - Classic German wheat beer
St Gerogean Kellerbier - Stongly hopped version of Helles, also less carbonation

Northern French Beers

Gavroche - Delicious Biere sur lie
Grain d'Orge - Biere de Garde, light coloured ale

Czech Beers

Lobkowicz - Czech pilsner beer, pale and dry

Beers on Draught

Felix Kriek - Brown beer based cherry beer, nice!
Jopen Hoppenbier - Extermly hoppy and refreshing beer from Holland
Keesman Pils - German pilsner
La Chouffe - Saisonish spiced ale from the Ardennes. World classic
Leeuw Valkenburg Wit - Classic Dutch wheat beer

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival
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