ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival : Welcome

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival

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To the 29th Cambridge Beer Festival

Hello again!

We're back on Jesus Green, bigger and better than before. If the weather behaves, we're looking forward to another record festival which will put us on course for an epic 30th festival next year.

This year, some things have changed. Along with our usual impressive range of beers, ciders and perries, we're trying out a small selection of English wines. With this wide a selection, we hope that everybody will be able to find several different drinks to their taste.

We've arranged a larger variety of food to go with your drinks this year, too. Along with last year's burger bar and Thai food, we have fish and chips and a hog roast. On our own food stall inside the tent we have another interesting selection of cheeses (provided once again by the Cambridge Cheese Company), pies and quiches. We'll also be supplying other nibbles: the Blue Ball Inn in Grantchester are making Scotch eggs from local ingredients, and we've made our own pickled eggs too.

I would like to thank the Cambridge Evening News and Bacchanalia for their generous sponsorship this year. Double thanks go to the Parks and Recreation department of the City Council for the use of Jesus Green, since I forgot to thank them last year. We're also grateful to Chilford Hall for their help with organising the wine bar.

My greatest thanks go to all the volunteers, without whom this festival couldn't happen at all. We don't pay them (except in beer and food), and we particularly appreciate all the time that they are giving to us. I would like to offer special thanks to our volunteers who've travelled from the Continent to be here; their expertise is very welcome. As well as those who work hard during the festival itself, there are others who put a lot of work in during set-up and take-down, and throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy the festival. Please say `hello' if you see my hat.

Shaun Marsh
Festival Organiser

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival
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