ALE Summer 2002 No. 307

The Drip Tray

Premium Lager, Premium Prices

BBC News picked up on the fact that most lager sold in this country is marketed as being from the Continent yet is made here. E.g. Kronenbourg 1664 is made by Scottish Courage in Reading, not in France as the current high-profile ad campaign suggests. Carlsberg Export is brewed in Northampton, Stella Artois in South Wales and the American (fake) Budweiser in London.

So aren't you glad you can trust us to point you at the real stuff?

The real McCoy

The crisp company McCoy's has produced lager-flavoured crisps as part of its crinkle-cut range, containing only trace elements of alcohol but made with yeast and hops. Since lager is normally served cold so as to hide the lack of flavour, it's difficult to see the point of these - unless they're chilled!

Beer gets noticed

There's a perennial problem with the "quality" press in that they cover wines with great respect yet largely ignore beer, which is just as complex and subtle in its varieties.

In July the Financial Times had that rare thing, an article on draught beer. It was by Peter Millar and covered topics such as Cask Marque and the "summer" style of beer, citing a number of examples such as Brakspear's Downpour (4.5%).

On the Internet

Wetherspoons Enjoy Indian Summer is an excellent spoof on JD Wetherspoon at the BadNews UK site. Wetherspoons latest pub conversion: the Taj Mahal, complete with the usual Curry Club!

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