ALE Winter 2002/2003 No. 308

The Drip Tray

The Sun says...

[Not that we actually read it, you understand - there was a copy just lying around in the pub, honest!]
The Super Soaraway Currant Bun (the biggest-circulation English-language newspaper in the entire world, according to my new book of occasionally interesting facts) is having a go at pretentious pub food - especially elaborate descriptions for ordinary items. Picking up the idea from the Good Pub Guide, it invites readers to report "menu pollution". So far no such reports have been forthcoming. Maybe its readership doesn't frequent that sort of pub...

The Sun also reports 100-year-old Edgar Moore as thriving on his daily pints of Mild.

Beer Drinker of the Year 2002

The Parliamentary Beer Group choice this year is Prince Charles for his efforts to save rural pubs. His "Pub is the hub" project is reckoned to have started more than 40 schemes to safeguard local pubs by expanding their role.

Prince Charles has also pulled a pint at another of his projects, the first pub in Poundbury village in Dorset. He officially opened The Poet Laureate, named after his close friend Ted Hughes. Prince Charles set up the village project to include all aspects of community from industry to offices, shops, houses and leisure facilities. [Pubs Week campaign logo]

Quick plug

Coming soon: CAMRA's National Pubs Week - "a pub for everyone". More details in the next ALE.

Nothing to do with beer...

Mentioned in the Realcity mag (6-Dec-2002), quoting from a recent Big Issue:

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