ALE Winter 2002/2003 No. 308

CAMRA Investment Club

Have you ever wished that you owned part of a brewery or one of the many pub chains that have emerged recently? Well now you have the opportunity of turning that dream into reality. If you are a member of CAMRA, you are eligible to join the CAMRA Investment Club.

For a minimum of five pounds per month you could start making an investment in the many companies in which the Club holds shares, covering the UK's breweries and pub companies.

Club members can pay in a fixed sum each month or year (5-83 monthly, 60-1,000 anually). The amount can be altered at any time or can be stopped and your investment left to "ride". Alternatively your investment can be cashed in.

At the end of September 2002 the CAMRA Investment Club held shares in breweries and pub chains worth over 1,870,000.

By holding a growing share in a particular company, the Club's votes at their annual general meetings could make a difference to either a take-over bid or other hostile actions. Having a voice in the boardrooms of the pub owning groups could help influence their beer policies, which is becoming increasingly important in the market where the smaller breweries are competing with the giants. Dividends received from the profits of all companies are reinvested in more shares.

The club organises tours for club members of breweries in which it has shares. These visits normally present the opportunity of meeting some of the Directors of the company as well as viewing their brewing operations.

Further details about the Club and standing order forms can be obtained from the Melsonby Terrace, 31 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD
Tel 01204 363131, fax 01204 459993

Please note that the value of shares can go down as well as up and any investment should be regarded as medium to long term.

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