ALE Spring 2003 No. 309

News from Ely

First Elysian Beer Festival

The First Elysian Beer Festival, held at Larkfields School on 14 and 15 March this year, proved to be a resounding success. If you were there, you'll know how much fun it was; if you weren't, then shame on you! Three reorders were required to keep the punters in beer, so thanks go to Nethergate and Milton breweries for their admirable assistance in this.

And congratulations to Phil Wignall and his staff for the success of the festival. The editor is keenly looking forward to the next one.

Champion beers are:

So this is goodbye . . .

By the time you read this, the Ely Sub-branch will have flown the nest and grown into a fully-fledged branch of its own. We in Cambridge wish them well in their independence (sniff). Pubs in the Ely area will continue to receive ALE until they start publishing their own magazine, and we hope to continue to pool our resources in the future. But for now: farewell, and good luck.


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