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ALE Spring 2003 No. 309

National Pubs Week: East Anglia Survey

CAMRA's market research for National Pubs Week

Figures in East Anglia showed that only 16% of adults were visiting pubs "once a week or more" and over a fifth (21%) stated they "never" visit pubs.

Who goes to the pub the most?

(based on Dec 2002 figures of who goes to the pub "once a week or more")

Who "never" goes to the pub?

(based on Dec 2002 figs)

Most important factors when choosing a pub?

(in order of importance)
UKLondonSouth/S EastEast Anglia
People who use pubPeople who use pubFriendliness of staffQuality of food
Quality of foodCleanliness of barQuality of foodPeople who use pub
Friendliness of staffQuality of foodBeer brands availableFriendliness of staff
Friendliness of staffCleanliness of bar
Least important factors for East Anglia were "Pub has no piped music", "Sports on TV" and "Choice of wine".

The findings show the importance of staff training to ensure that customers get a quality service every time they visit the pub. Only this will convince them to become more frequent visitors.

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