ALE Spring 2003 No. 309

New CAMRA book: Stout & Porter

Homebrew Classics - Stout & Porter

CAMRA has produced a new book detailing the history of stout and porter as part of its campaign to encourage the drinking of the real cask-conditioned variety, rather than the better known brands.

Written by historian and home brew enthusiast Clive La Pensée, and the author of CAMRA's best-selling Good Beer Guide, Roger Protz, Homebrew Classics - Stout & Porter explores the streets of Dublin where stout was born and travels to London to establish the beginnings of porter.

"I hope it is a historical contribution as I have tried to put stout and porter into their historical context," said Clive La Pensée. "How can we understand the beer if we ignore the people and their reason for doing it?"

Historical observations are supported with extracts from stout drinkers James Joyce and Flann O'Brien, exploring how brewing styles have developed as part of the country's tradition and culture.

Roger Protz commented: "The importance of the new CAMRA Homebrew Classics title is that it not only tells the fascinating story of porter and stout but enables both homebrewers and craft brewers to fashion versions of the beers using Clive La Pensee's recipes."

Homebrew Classics - Stout & Porter contains:

Published by CAMRA Books priced at £8.99, the text supports drinking real Stouts and Porters rather than the cold and bland mass-produced variety.

It is the latest addition in the Homebrew Classics series which includes titles for India Pale Ale, Lager, Mild, Bitter and other famous beer styles. To order a copy please call 01727 867201 or order online via
(Go to Shop -> Members/Non-members -> Books -> Home brewing)

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