ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme

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Beers Unavailable

For the curious and for the record, we hoped to get these beers but they were unavailable.

Badger (Blandford St Mary, Dorset) 1777
Blandford Fly (5.2%)
A light-coloured medium-bodied ale with a low bitterness and a subtle spicy ginger character that warms the drink even when chilled.

Buntingford (Buntingford, Hertfordshire) 2001
Herfordshire Gold (4.5%)
A distinctive beer containing English and U.S. hops and lager and ale malts, which give a slightly crisp flavour.

Fenland (Chatteris, Cambridgeshire) 1997
Sparkling Wit (4.5%)
Traditional "white" beer, recalling the days when hops were complemented by exotic spices - Coriander and Grains of Paradise. This refreshing yet smooth ale is brewed with barley, oat and wheat malts and laced with locally-produced honey to give a wonderfully refreshing thirst-quencher.

Guernsey (St Peter Port) 1856
Braye Mild (3.8%)
Sunbeam (4.2%)

Palmers (Bridport, Dorset) 1794
Bridport Bitter (3.2%)
A light beer with a hoppy aroma, a bitter hoppy taste with some malt, and a bitter aftertaste.
IPA (4.2%)
A deep copper beer that is hoppy and bitter throughout. Fruit and malt undertones give some balance in the aroma and taste, and there is a lingering bitter aftertaste.

ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme
Cambridge & District CAMRA