ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme

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The Festival Charity : Cam Sight

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Cam Sight is one of Cambridge's leading and oldest established local charities. For 90 years it has helped people with sight problems living in Cambridge and the surrounding villages to lead a full, independent and dignified life.

Cam Sight offers the finest Advice and Resource Centre in this part of East Anglia with over 800 items of equipment and adaptations to assist vision-impared people. It also runs a training workshop to teach independent living skills nad has a specially adapted training kitchen.

Assisted by trained volunteers, Cam Sight provides a Home Visiting scheme which can privide a friend to help a vision-impared person with shopping, transport or just offer a regular chat. Uniquely, Cam Sight works closely with Social Services Visual Impairment Team to complement and supplement the role undertaken by the local authorities.

Cam Sight also offers a regular social club for older vision-impared people, leisure and recreational activities, as well as outings. It is currently in contact with over 1,000 people with severe sight difficulties.

Cam Sight can be contacted at:

ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme
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