ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme

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Ham, pork pies, scotch eggs, pickled eggs, soft drinks and crisps also available.

Ash Pyramid (goat)
An ash-coated flax-topped pyramid of soft cheese with full-on complex favours when older.
Avalon (cow)
Spring texture with pleasing piquancy; goes well with lighter styles of Trappist beers.
Caerphilly Gorwydd (cow)
Moist and crumbly with a pleasing damp cellar aroma and succulent tangy flavours.
Celtic Promise (cow)
Supreme Champion at the 1998 British Cheese Awards! Made by John Savage-Ontswedder (best known for his Dutch-style Gouda, Teife), it was developed under the guidance of the `inventor' James Aldridge, one of Britain's most talented cheesemakers. A smear-ripened cheese with a smooth orange find dusted with white mould, it is firmer and more compact than Reblochon but has the pungent, farmyard aroma and characteristic sweet-sour spicy character of washed-rind cheeses.
Applewood Smoked Cheddar (cow)
Creamy cheddar, smoked-flavoured and coated in Paprika.
Isle of Mull Cheddar (cow)
A pale cream coloured cheese that is fruity and nutty; developing bold tangy flavours with age.
Appleby's Red Cheshire (cow)
A crumbly yet moist cheese with a piquant but tasty flavour which is a good partner for most beers.
Camembert Rustique (cow)
Genuine Normandy cheese, creamy smooth and full flavoured. (Recommended)
Cornish Yaig (cow)
A delicious, semi-hard cheese that is creamy under the rind and crumbly in the centre. The cheese is wrapped in attractive silvery green nettle leaves, offering a delicate and unique flavour.
Devon Garland (cow)
A medium-strong Caerphilly style cheese with a layer of herbs and spring onions through the middle.
Dorset Drum Cheddar (cow)
Made by Denhay Dairy, this wonderful farmhouse mature premium cheddar not only looks great but it tastes even better!
Flower Marie (ewe)
Made in Sussex, this wonderful cheese has a soft pink-tinged rind that protects the soft densely favoured interior that melts in the mouth, revealing a subtle caramel sweetness combined with a lemon freshness.
Golden Cross (goat)
These bloom-rinded logs are first coated in ash. They have a dense, even texture and a medium-strong flavour.
Hawes Wensleydale (cow)
A light, mild crumbly cheese from this successful creamery.
Kirkham's Lancashire (cow)
Moist, buttery; gently crumbly and with excellent depth of favour.
Quickes Red Leicester (cow)
A smooth, buttery-textured cheese, orange-red paste with good depth of favour.
Smoked Cheddar (cow)
Traditional strong smoked cheddar.
Swaledale (cow)
A medium-firm texture cheese with a pleasing mellow flavour.
Swaledale (goat)
The grey, fluffy rind contrasts superbly with the bright white interior. Creamy, moist and with gentle sweet overtones.
Swaledate (ewe)
Sweet and pleasantly creamy flavour, delicate and not too strong.
Swaledale Old Peculiar (cow)
A winning combination of Yorkshire ale and medium-matured cheese.
Tiskey Meadow (cow)
A medium-firm cheese with a layer of sun-dried tomatoes and basil through the middle.
Tornegus (cow)
A beautifully tangy, springy-textured cheese that has become one of the classics of British cheese-making.
White Stilton (cow)
Moist and crumbly with a pleasing lactic bite.

Blue Cheeses
Cashel Blue (cow)
Ireland's first blue cheese, made by the Grubb family. Rich, creamy yet crumbly texture with a gorgeous flavour. (Recommended)
Devon Blue (cow)
Moist and delicately crumbly with a lively bite from the blue.
Jersey Blue (cow)
A soft and strongly-piquant style of blue cheese, a good partner for strong ales.
Shropshire Blue (cow)
Full-flavoured and visually stunning blue cheese with an orange paste.
Stilton Colston Bassett (cow)
Still handmade, creamy with a lovely mellow flavour. (The best Stilton money can buy!)

ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme
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