ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme

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Cider & Perry

East Anglian Ciders

Cassels, Cambridgeshire
The local cider; this festival sees the commercial release of their first ever single variety.
Dry (7%)
Medium (7%)
Yarlington Mill (8.3%)

Waggon and Horses, Milton, Cambridgeshire
Made from fruit grown in the garden of one of our local hostelries by the bewhiskered, hat-collecting publican.
Honeyed cider (7%)

Crones, Norfolk
Popular organic Norfolk ciders
User Friendly (6.2%)
Original (7.5%)

Castlings Heath, Suffolk
100% natural cider made using only East Anglian organic apples
Dry (6.5%)

French Ciders

Viard, Normandy
Medium dry (4.5%)

Guillet, Brittany
Medium dry (5%)

West Country Ciders

Seidr O Sir, Wales
Individual fine mountain ciders
Medium (6.3%)

Tilley, Gloucestershire
Made by retired musician at Moat Farm for the last 35 years
Medium (5%)

Summers, Gloucestershire
Cider made from orchards that belonged to the Apple Tree Inn, a noted local cider house
Medium (6%)

Brooklyn Farm, Shropshire
Also know as shout, scraggbags or carpetgripper
Dry (7.2%)

Coombes, Somerset
The third generation malting cider at Japonica Farm since 1919, now dosing down
Sweet (6%)

Wilkins, Somerset
Made by Roger Wlkins, a well-known Somerset cider character on working farm started by his grandfather in 1917
Sweet (6.5%)

Hecks, Somerset
A range of single variety ciders fermented in wooden barrels in the traditional way since 1896
Tremletts Bitter
Kingston Black
Court Royal (6-6.5%)

Haukley Inn, Hampshire
Made by the publican of this road house
Swamp Donkey Dry (6.3%)

Oliver, Herefordshire
Itinerant sheep-herder who also travels the world in the rock business
Dry (6.3%)

Broome Farm, Herefordshire
Old established fruit farm, most of which supplies Bulmers
Dry (6.5%)

Graftonfield, Worcestershire
Produced on a very small scale, rarely seen out of Worcestershire, by an antique dealer on his smallholding
Dry (7%)

Orchards, Gloucestershire
Two years have been spent renovating their derelict cider orchards
Medium (6.6%)

Newton Court, Herefordshire
A new project by father and son team with much experience in apple growing
Medium (7.5%)

Lyme Bay Cider Co., Devon
One of Devon's most thriving cider companies, the cider is named after the notorius local 19th centrury smuggler
Jack Ratt (6.4%)

Whittfield, Worcestershire
Produced by hilltop commercial plum grower
Rous Rat Tale Dry (7.5%)


Hecks, Somerset
Single variety perries
Hendry Huffcap (6.5%)
Newbridge (6.5%)

Days Cottage, Gloucestershire
From an organic smallholding from orchards established in 1912
Perry (7%)

Hartland, Gloucestershire
Classic crisp sweetish Perry, this is from the same batch that won the CAMRA Perry of the Year 2003
Perry (5.7%)

Lyne Down, Herefordshire
Many times award-winning Perry, now under new owners
Perry (7%)

Troggi, Wales
Made on the fringes of Wentwood Forest by a senior hospital consultant on Victorian equipment
Perry (7.2%)

ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme
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