ALE Summer 2003 No. 311

Adnams Export?

From Dudley and Cheryl Pusey, Foxton

About 1967 Cheryl and I were living in the fine city of Norwich. We were members of the Bystanders Club in Thorpe Road - a non-denominational drinking and social club. Around 1967 a club member, a true Norwegian, went abroad to Suffolk. Normally this only happened when the Canaries were playing at Ipswich, but this was special: a visit to Southwold and a commercial arrangement with the town's brewery.

We arrived [at the club] one evening to find a small barrel on the bar. It had had to stand overnight to settle. "Would you like to try this?" A pint was duly served. "What do you think?" Well it kindled memories of ABC, original Wethered brewed in Marlow, and more. We said yes and another barrel, double the size, was quickly ordered. This barrel was, we were reliably informed, the first export of Adnams out of the local area of Suffolk in which they had traditionally operated.

The historical note to the Cambridge Beer Festival of 2003 referred to a first beer festival being organised by a club in Norwich in the early 1970s. Was that the Bystanders? We had left the area by then and were enjoying early Boddingtons, Robinsons etc. in Cheshire. If there is anyone out there who knows can they let us know please?

If you know anything about this, please contact the editor, who will pass on any information.

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