ALE Summer 2003 No. 311

30th Cambridge Beer Festival


[The organiser, Shaun Marsh]
The organiser, Shaun Marsh
[The beer tent]
The beer tent
[A customer]
[Shaun and friends]
Shaun and friends

Official opening

[Philippa, Shaun, Ron and David]
The Mayor, Cllr. Philippa Slatter, the festival organiser Shaun Marsh, the Branch Chairman Ron Buchet and the Festival Licensee David Short.
[Philippa and Shaun toasting the Festival]
Philippa and Shaun toasting the Festival
[Shaun and Ron]

"Don't drink and drive"

The fire service's promotional stunt.
[Shaun: 'I don't care - you can't park here!']
The car just after being dropped and mangled by the fire service.
[''ere, Shaun, there's a bloke offering us fifty quid to leave you there!']
[Car roof removed]

Plate spinning

[Shaun plate-spinning]
[Shaun plate-spinning]
[Shaun plate-spinning]

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