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Cleanliness and Friendliness - the key to a popular pub

New research by CAMRA released in National Pubs Week showed over 90% of British adults say that clean toilets and bars are the most important factors when choosing a pub to visit, closely followed by the friendliness of bar staff.

A Blueprint for Britain's "Ideal Pub"

Based on the research outcomes, the ideal pub for most British adults is a country pub, with clean bars, spotless toilets, a friendly landlord, no sports on TV, live entertainment, friendly locals, good-value offers and quality food with beer menus, a range of quality beers and a no smoking area.

Key Findings

Going to the pub is still one of Britain's favourite pastimes. Over a quarter of adults (26%) visit pubs at least once a week, but 27% never visit pubs. While cleanliness of bar areas and toilets and friendly bar staff are the main reasons for choosing a particular pub, quality of food (90%), value for money (80%) and the people who use the pub (72%) were also key reasons. Only 21% of adults regard sports on TV as important in pub choice, despite the huge growth in the number of pubs with TV sport.

Country pubs are Britain's favourite kind of pub with nearly half of all adults (46%) preferring country pubs to community locals and town centre pubs. Younger people (18-24 year olds) prefer community locals (32%) over town centre theme pubs (29%), but only 15% prefer country pubs.

A quarter of adults would visit pubs more often if there were live entertainment and drinks & food promotions. 57% of adults think beer should have the same status as wine in pubs by having 'beer lists' as well as 'wine lists' for diners. Nearly one third (32%) of adults would rather enjoy a meal in a British pub than in a restaurant. 34% prefer food in restaurants and 34% did not express a preference.

Nearly a fifth of people (17%) first met their spouse or partner in a pub and a quarter of adults spent their first date in the pub!

63% of people think communities should have first refusal to buy their local pub when threatened with closure. 49% of people think the law should be changed to require planning permission to convert a pub into a restaurant and 54% think the law should be changed to stop the loss of pubs through demolition without planning permission.

How often do you visit the pub?
Once a week or more 26%
2 or 3 times a month 10%
Once a month 10%
Less than once a month 26%
Never visit the pub 27%

ImportantNot important
Cleanliness of Bar Area 91% 2%
Cleanliness of Toilets 91% 2%
Friendliness of the Staff 90% 2% 'Cleanliness' and 'Friendliness' are the key to a success of a pub!
The Quality of Food 80% 10%
Value for Money 80% 6%
The People who use the Pub 72% 10%
The Quality of the Beer 65% 26%
There is a Non Smoking Area 53% 32%
Range of Beer Brands 47% 33%
The Fact that Children are Welcome 45% 33%
There are Sports on TV 21% 64%

What is your favourite kind of pub?
Country 46% 'Country Pubs' remain our favourite!
Community Local 25%
Town Centre Themed 11%
Country and Community 71%

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