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Real Ale in a Bottle

CAMRA says this is REAL ALE Last August CAMRA launched the Real Ale in a Bottle campaign to promote the cause of real ale for the bottled market, starting with the Real Ale in a Bottle Accreditation Scheme for brewers.

Real Ale in a Bottle (RAIB) is the bottled equivalent of the draught real ales you enjoy at the pub. The beer is unpasteurised and contains yeast and enough fermentable sugars to allow for a slow secondary fermentation in the bottle. Care should be taken when pouring a RAIB to ensure that the yeast remains in the bottle and the refreshing flavoursome beer ends up in the glass.

It is important to note that though a particular beer is a real ale in draught form this is not a guarantee that the bottled version will be real also. Most real ales will be clearly labelled but a quick check to see if there is any yeast sediment will confirm if the beer is a RAIB.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the CAMRA scheme for Retailers in the Off-Licence trade which invites independent stockists to contact them and receive promotional materials free of charge.

Over 60 breweries signed up for phase 1 and the logo "CAMRA says this is real ale" is starting to appear more frequently on bottle labels as existing label stocks are used up.

Real Ale in a Bottle Retail Supporters Scheme

In a pub it's easy to recognise real ales as they are served through hand pumps, but in off-licences and supermarket shelves bottled real ales share the same shelf space as other premium beers. They are not differentiated. By promoting the logo shoppers will have the information they need to help with buying decisions.

CAMRA is able to offer independent retailers branded promotional materials, to support the scheme and promote bottle-conditioned products free of charge.

By last Christmas approximately 50 independent retailers had joined the Scheme.

The independent retailers pack includes:

To take part in this promotion and receive an application form for a supporter's pack, retailers should forward their name and address details to CAMRA.

In addition shops which would like to use the logo on their own promotional material can contact CAMRA to be forwarded a copy of the logo licensing agreement (free of charge), which offers guidelines on logo usage.

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