Cambridge & District CAMRA

The Ultimate Cambridge Beer Festival Beer List

How about this for a beer festival? This lists all the beers that have appeared at all the summer festivals from 1974 to 1996 and the two winter ale festivals, as far as is known to us. It is largely based on the beer lists produced for each festival, those for 1974 and 1975 are incomplete and we would be grateful for any information anyone has about these festivals.

Try selecting your ten favourite beers of all time from the list, and perhaps the five beers you would like to see that have never appeared at any of the festivals.

The total number of beers that have appeared at the festivals is in the region of 580. That may not seem to be very many in 23 years, but when you take into account the length of time various festivals have been open, that is 580 beers in under 20 trading weeks, which isn't too bad.

Batemans Dark Mild is the only beer to have been available at all of the summer festivals and Batemans are indeed the only brewery to have been represented at all summer festivals. Adnams beers have appeared at 23 festivals and their mild at all except two of the summer festivals.

Apart from these two breweries, Elgoods have appeared at 19 festivals, Timothy Taylors at 18 and Tolly at seventeen. Both Hook Norton and Woodfordes have been at 16 Festivals, Mauldons at 15 while Greene King , Marstons and Ridleys are all on 14. Fullers have clocked up 13 appearances, and Rayments had reached the same figure before GK closed the brewery. Hoskins last appeared in 1987 but that was their 12th festival, and Nethergate have now reached the same figure. Everards and Charles Wells have been at eleven festivals, as has Ruddles, although their beers last appeared in 1988, and before the brewery closed Paines had also been at eleven festivals. Moorhouse beers have been at ten festivals, Crouch Vale at nine, and Hardy & Hanson, Thwaites and Youngs all at eight.

Grouped together at seven appearances are Banks & Taylors, Belhaven, (Golden Hill) Exmoor, Wadworth and Bass, the latter a legacy from the early days of the festival. Clustered at six appearances each are Caledonian, Cotleigh, Holdens, Jennings, Maclay, Mitchells, Robinsons, and Wethereds who last appeared in 1981. All other breweries beers have appeared at five festivals or fewer.

RJF, 1997