26th Cambridge Beer Festival

Beer List

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Northern England, Bar 1

(28 beers)

Abbeydale, Sheffield 1996

Absolution 5.3%

Bateman, Wainfleet, Lincs. 1874

Dark Mild 3.0%
Ruby/black mild with a creamy brown head, a fruit and nut nose leading to a complex mix of malt hop and fruit taste. The sweetness dies but bitterness lingers in the aftertaste

XB 3.7% - Fri
A well-balanced bitter, although dominated by the characteristic appley hop on taste and aroma. Malt is always in the background and lingers in the finish of this mid-brown beer

Jolly's Armada 4.0%
May Millennium beer. Light and fruity - very quaffable

Spring Breeze 4.2%
Their seasonal beer representing the flavour and feel of Spring

Hill Billy Bitter 4.2% - Fri

XXXB 4.8%
A complex, popular and durable dark tan combination of malt, hops and an almost banana back fruitiness. The malt features in the lingering, bitter finish, adding to its all-round drinkability. A classic

Victory Ale 5.7% - Sat
Strong fruitiness on the aroma of this complex, powerful, chestnut beer leads to malt and hops in the finish. Difficult to find in the tied trade

Bigfoot, Gainsborough, Lincs Feb. 1998

Genesis 3.8%
Golden-brown and fruity

Black Sheep, Masham, Yorks 1992

Riggwelter 5.9%
A fruity bitter with complex underlying tastes and hints of liquorice and pear drops leading to a long, dry, bitter finish

Hesket Newmarket, Cumbria 1988

Great Cockup Porter 2.8%
A refreshing, chocolate-tasting beer

Blencathra Bitter 3.1%
Champion Beer of the 1989 Cambridge Beer Festival. A predominately bitter beer, from the start to the dry finish. Malty nose

Skiddaw Special Bitter 3.7%
A golden session beer, despite its name

Pigs Might Fly 4.3%
10th Anniversary Ale. Very fruity and hoppy

Hoskins, Leicester 1901

Maypole 3.7% - Sat
Pale & fruity, with some hoppiness

Kelham Island, Sheffield 1990

Pale Rider 5.2% - Sat
A well-bodied, straw-pale ale, with a good fruity aroma and a strong fruit and hop taste. Its well-balanced sweetness and bitterness continue to the finish

Maypole, Newark, Notts 1995

Mae West 4.6%
A blonde "Belgian-style" summer beer. Citrus flavours predominate in the nose & taste. A deceptively drinkable beer for its strength

Mordue, Tyne & Wear

Workie Ticket 4.5%
A tasty, complex beer with malt and hops throughout and a long, satisfying bitter finish. Well worthy of of the title Champion Beer of Britain 1997

Radgie Gadgie 4.8%
A strong, easy-drinking, northern ale, with balanced hops, fruit and malt and a long, lingering finish

Oldershaw, Grantham, Lincs 1997

Newton's Drop 4.1%
Light & fruity

Springhead, Sutton-On-Trent, Newark 1990

Hersbrucker Weizenbier 3.6%
A wheat beer with a gentle aroma, light, refreshing, with a dry finish

Gardeners Tap 5.0%

Tigertops, Wakefield 1995

Axemans Dark Wheat 3.6% - = Champion Speciality Beer of the Festival
A refreshing, amber-coloured session beer with good hop character and a balancing sweetness

Yorkshire Pils 4.5%

Titanic, Stoke-On-Trent 1985

Lifeboat Ale 3.9%
A fruity and malty dark red/brown beer with a fruity finish

White Star 4.8%
A bittersweet amber ale with a very fruity taste and a long fruit aftertaste

Willy's Brewery, Cleethorpes, Lincs 1989

Original Bitter 3.8%
A fruity hop on the nose and in the taste, with a slight tang of the nearby sea in the dry aftertaste. Malt is there in a supporting role in this brown bitter

Last Resort 4.3%
A new beer. Very tangy & fruity, with a pleasant lingering aftertaste

Ward's, Sheffield 1840 - due to close by 2 July

Waggle Dance 5.0% - Staff beer for after the Festival
A beer brewed with honey, gold in colour. A malty drink with a gentle bitterness and a dry, malty finish. Better for not being as sweet as before

Eastern England, Bar 2

(33 cask beers)

Adnams, Southwold, Suffolk 1890

Best Bitter 3.7% (Bar 3) - Fri
An excellent drinking beer, with the characteristic Adnams aroma of hops, citrus fruits and sulphur. The flavour is dry and hoppy, with some fruit. The finish is long, dry and hoppy

Regatta 4.3% - Fri
Pleasantly malty with a very long finish

Broadside 4.7%
A mid-brown beer with a well-balanced flavour of fruit, malt and hops on a bitter-sweet base. The aroma is fruity, with some underlying malt & hops. Bitter fruit finish

City of Cambridge, Cambridge 1997

Jet Black 3.7%
Champion Beer here in 1998. A unique-style Black Beer, mild but full in flavour and body

Boathouse Bitter (True Blue) 3.8% - Champion Bitter of the Festival
A light copper-coloured session bitter, quenching and dry. A pleasant aroma created from the distinctive floral and citrus Cascade hops

Hobsons Choice 4.1%
Champion Beer here in 1997. One of the year's Good Beer Guide Beers of the Year. Finalist at the Great British Beer Festival. A light golden bitter with a refreshing bitter aftertaste

Atomsplitter 4.7%
An amber-coloured beer with plenty of character, bursting with hoppiness

Parkers Porter 5.3% - = Champion Porter of the Festival
A dark rich ruby-coloured fruity-flavour bitter with a tangy aftertaste

Bramling Traditional 5.5% - = Champion Strong Bitter of the Festival
Finalist at the 1997 Cambridge Winter Ale Festival. Made with Bramling Cross hops, rarely used nowadays, very fruity and delicious

XK50 5% (Bar 1) bottled - Champion Bottled Beer of the Festival
A special 50th anniversary ale for the Jaguar XK120, brewed for the Wiverton Bell, Norfolk. Half the money will go to the Festival charity and 10p per bottle goes to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust. It's the Jet Black recipe brewed to 5%

Elgoods, Wisbech 1877

Black Dog Mild 3.6%
Black and ruby ale with a gentle, fruity aroma, then dry roast malt and hops and a lingering, dry roast finish

Greyhound Strong Bitter 5.2%
Full-bodied, tawny brew, with a mouthfilling blend of malty sweetness and fruit. Starts with berry fruits on the nose and ends surprisingly bitter

Fenland, Chatteris 1997

Sparkling Wit 4.5%

FBB 4.0%
Pale copper brew with a good balance of mouth-filling hops, malt and fruit. Start with berry fruits on the nose and ends dry with hops and malt

Grainstore, Oakham, Rutland 1995

Gold 4.5% (Bar 4)
A tasty summer beer, light & refreshing

Ten Fifty 5% (Bar 4)
This full-bodied, tawny beer is very hoppy and fruity right into the aftertaste. A little malt on the nose and in the initial taste, with an underlying sweetness and an increasing bitterness

Lidstone, Wickhambrook, nr. Newmarket, Suffolk 1998

Rowley Mild 3.2% - Champion Mild of the Festival
A distinctive, dark beer traditionally brewed with chocolate malt

Lucky Punter 4.1%
A light bitter-style beer but with a highly distinctive taste and aroma from the Cascade hops that are thrown into the copper for the last 10 minutes of the boil

Bookies Revenge 4.6%
A straw-coloured, bitter-style beer, hopped with East Kent Goldings and Hallertau

Mauldons, Sudbury 1982

Black Adder 5.3%
A dark stout. Roast malt is very strong in the aroma and taste but malt, hop and bitterness provide an excellent balance and a lingering finish. Champion Beer of Britain 1991

Oakham, Peterborough 1993 (moved 1998)

Jeffrey Hudson Bitter 3.8%
Delightful, thirst-quenching, straw-coloured brew with a distinctive, floral and grassy hop character on the nose & palate

White Dwarf 4.3% - Champion Best Bitter of the Festival

Bishop's Farewell 4.6% - Fri
Yellow, with impressive floral hops and peach fruit aroma and taste. Smooth and fairly full-bodied with a long, dry finish

Tallington Tipple 4.4% - Fri
Well hopped and smooth

Mompessons Gold 5.0%
Available March-October

Potton, Beds 1998

Shannon IPA 3.6%
A traditional IPA-style beer, light & quaffable

Phoenix Bitter 3.8%
Slightly sweet with a citrusy hop aroma

Shambles Bitter 4.3%
Light in colour and heavily hopped

Pride of Potton 6.0% - = Champion Strong Bitter of the Festival
Strong, warming and dry-hopped

Scott's, Lowestoft 1988

Strong Mild 4.4%
A dark, ruby mild ale, smooth and full-bodied, with medium chocolate flavours

Hop Leaves 4.5%
A light and dry bitter, with Challenger hops added late in the boil to impart an aromatic, lasting dry finish

Tolly Cobbold, Ipswich 1723

Mild 3.2%
A tasty mild with fruit, malt and roast malt characters. Pleasing aftertaste. It tends to lose complexity when forced through a sparkler

IPA 4.2%
A best bitter, full of citrus fruit flavours and flowery hoppiness

Woodforde's, Woodbastwick, Norfolk 1980

Wherry Best Bitter 3.8% (Bar 4) - Fri
This award-winning, amber beer has a distinctly hoppy nose and a well-balanced palate with pronounced bitterness and, usually, a flowery hop character. A long-lasting, satisfying bitter aftertaste

Wales, Bar 3

(3 beers)

Tomos Watkin, Llandeilo 1995

Cwrw Cayo 4.0%

Merlin's Stout 4.2%
A full-bodied Dark Stout with a distinctive bitterness provided by whole Hereford hops and chocolate malt to give a rich liquorice and coffee finish. A Real Welsh Stout, better than any Irish equivalent

Spring Time 4.7%
A refreshingly hoppy, light amber coloured bitter ale. Brewed with 100% malt grist, including amber malt to supply the distinct colour and a rich malty finish. Also a combination of styrian Golding and Fuggle whole hops to provide a clean dry bitterness and floral aroma.

Scotland, Bar 3

(19 beers)

Bridge of Allan, Queens Hotel, Bridge of Allan 1998

Stirling Bitter 3.7%

Spring Ale 4.2%
Only brewed in April & May

Burntisland, Fife 1996 - we sold out early last year!

Alexander's Downfall 4.3%

Dockyard Rivets 5.1% - = Champion Speciality Beer of the Festival
A real Pilsner-style Lager

Caledonian, Edinburgh 1869

Murray's Summer Ale 3.6%
A clean-tasting, thirst-quenching golden session beer, with hop and fruit evident throughout. A bitter beer, balanced by malt in the taste and aftertaste.

Deuchars IPA 3.8%
An extremely tasty and refreshing, amber-coloured session beer. Hops and malt are very evident and are balanced by fruit throughout. The lingering aftertaste is delightfully bitter and hoppy

Edinburgh Strong Ale 6.4%
A complex mix of malt and hops without the cloying sweetness that beers of this strength can have

Harviestoun, Dollar, Clackmannanshire 1985

Schiehallion 4.8% - = Champion Speciality Beer of the Festival
A Scottish cask lager, brewed using a lager yeast and Hersbrücker hops, and properly lagered. A fruity aroma, with hops and malt, leads to a malty, bitter taste with floral hoppiness and a bittersweet finish.

Isle of Skye, Uig 1995

Young Pretender 4.0%
Golden amber ale with a burst of fruit on the nose and a light and fruity sweetness in the mouth, ending with a surprisingly bitter finish

Red Cuillin 4.2%
A burst of fruit with malt introduces this reddish beer. A lingering, fruity sweet character ensues, with a developing, gentle dryness

Black Cuillin 4.5%

Blaven 5.0%
A powerful, full-bodied golden ale with a strong, hoppy aroma and hop flavour with a smooth, malty balance and hints of fruit

Hebridian Gold 4.3%
A new brew. Light and very fruity

Orkney, Sandwick 1988

Raven Ale 3.8%
A pale brown beer in which fruit predominates. Roast is evident in the aroma and taste, and hop in the taste and aftertaste. Initially sweet but with a satisfying dry, bitter aftertaste

Dark Island 4.6% - Champion Beer of the Festival
Dark, beautifully balanced and full of roast malt and fruit. A bittersweet taste leads to a long-lasting, roasted, slightly bitter finish. Full-bodied and deceptively drinkable

Skullsplitter 8.5%
Brewed in celebration of Thorfin Skullsplitter, 7th Viking Earl of Orkney. Satiny smooth in the mouth, deceptively light and dangerously drinkable. A Great British Beer Festival finalist

Tomintoul, Ballindalloch, Banffshire 1993

Nessie's Monster Mash 4.4%
A mahogany-coloured, full, malty brew with a creamy mouth-feel leading to a satisfying fruity finish

Culloden 4.6%
Not as hoppy as the other Tomintoul beers but packed full of maltiness on the palate and with a creamy, roast finish. A smooth, full-bodied mid-brown brew

Wild Cat 5.1%
A deep amber, old-ale-style brew but with a good balance of hops on the palate and an intense, hoppy, fruity finish. Goes well with stovies and oatcakes in front of a real fire in winter

Southern England, Bar 4

(31 beers)

Brakspear, Henley-on-Thames, 1799

Bee Sting 4.7 (Bar 3) - Fri
Available early summer, a golden beer made with wheat, honey and some oats, giving a full flavour with initial honeyed sweetness, soon followed by a crisp, dry finish. Very drinkable

Cottage, Lovington, Somerset 1993

Wheeltappers Ale 4.0%

Bank Holiday Special 4.1%

Windsor Castle Ale 4.3%
May's Millennium brew

Golden Arrow 4.5%
A gold-coloured, hoppy ale

Courage Bristol Brewery, Bristol 1702 - closure announced 13 May

Georges Bitter Ale 3.3%
Amber, light-bodied, refreshing session bitter

Fullers, Chiswick 1845

London Pride 4.1% - Fri
An award-winning beer with a good, malty base and a rich balance of well-developed hop flavours

Honey Dew 4.3% - Fri

Gribble Inn, Oving, nr. Chichester - brewpub owned by Hall & Woodhouse

Fursty Ferret 3.8%
A smooth, fruity & hoppy beer

Black Adder II 5.8%

Highgate, Walsall 1898

Dark Mild 3.2%
A dark brown, Black Country mild with a good balance of malt and hops and traces of roast flavour following a malty aroma

Saddlers Best Bitter 4.0%
A very fruity, pale yellow bitter with a strong hop flavour and a light, refreshing bitter aftertaste

Breacalis 4.3%
A "whisky" beer

Fiddlers Feather 3.8% - Sat

Hook Norton, Banbury, Oxfordshire 1849

Best Bitter 3.4% - Fri
An excellently-balanced, golden bitter. malty and hoppy on the nose and in the mouth, with a hint of fruitiness. Dry but with some balancing sweetness. A hoppy bitterness dominates the finish

Hopback, Salisbury 1987

Typhoon 4.2%
Try this natural product, brewed in the centre of Crop Circle country with barley malt, finest English hops and corn. Circumvent other beers to indulge in this distinctive summer ale! A natural head tops a very pale and fruity beer with some hoppiness

Summer Lightning 5.0% - Fri
A very pleasurable pale bitter with a good, fresh, hoppy aroma and a malty, hoppy flavour. Finely balanced, it has an intense bitterness leading to long, dry finish. Though, strong, it tastes like a session ale

Home County, Wickwar, Glos. 1997

Wichen 4.2%
Amber/mid-brown coloured, it has a malty aroma with a little hop and fruit. Good, malty taste with a fullish body, some hops and fruit and a quenching bitterness. Similar finish with malt and bitterness lasting longest

Sarah Hughes, Dudley 1987 - Champion Strong Mild of the Festival

Dark Ruby Mild 6.0%
A near-black, strong ale with a good balance of fruit and hops, leading to a pleasant, lingering hops and malt finish

O'Hanlons, Vauxhall, London 1996

Mirica 4.2%

Port Stout 4.8%
Finalist in our Winter Ale Festival this year. Bitter coffee and chocolate are just two of the complex tastes in this smooth creamy stout

Royal Clarence Hotel, Hewish, Weston-Super-Mare Early 1980s

Pitchfork 4.3%
Yellow/gold pale bitter with a floral, citric hop aroma with pale malt. Hops predominate in a full-bodied similar taste which is slightly sweet and fruity. Finish is just as good, if longer. Very tasty

Old Slug Porter 4.5% - = Champion Porter of the Festival
Good aroma of chocolate, coffee and roast malt, with some hops. Tastes similar: fullish-bodied, with blackcurrant and black cherry fruits. Long, mellow, bittersweet finish. Dark red/brown and appetising

Scatter Rock, Exeter July 1998

Devonian 5.0%
Premium beer, brown-coloured, slightly fruity, hoppy

Shepherd Neame, Faversham, Kent 1698

Spitfire Premium Ale 4.7% - Fri
A commemorative brew (Battle of Britain) for the RAF Benevolent Fund's appeal, now a permanent feature

Ushers, Trowbridge, Wilts 1824

Spring Fever 4.0% - Sat
Light with some fruitiness - refreshing

Founders Ale 4.5% - Sat
A pale brown beer with a bitter hop taste, balanced by sweet maltiness and faint citrus fruit. Predominantly bitter finish

Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1995 (resurrected)

Golden Bitter 4.0%
A truly well-balanced, straw-coloured bitter with an excellent rich and creamy mouth-feel and lasting maltiness

Kangaroo Bitter 4.8%

Wychwood, Witney, Oxfordshire 1983

Owzat 4.4% - Fri
Light and very quaffable

Wyre Piddle, Evesham, Worcs. 1992

Piddle in the Wind 4.2% - Sat
This drink has a superb mix of flavours. A nice hoppy nose through to a lasting aftertaste makes it a good, all-round beer

Bottled Beers, Bar 1

***** = a world classic
**** = a fine example of the style
*** = enjoyable and well-produced
** = a standard brew

Trappist Ale

Abbaye D'Orval

Orvil 6.2% *****
Trappist Pale. Distinctive and delightful amber ale. Stupendously bitter with slight candy overtones and marvellous hop aromas

Abbaye Rochefort

Rochefort 8 9.2% *****
Trappist Tripel (dark). Firm and enjoyable, strong dark ale. A cross between the heavy complexities of the 10 and simpler character of the 6

Rochefort 10 11.3% *****
Trappist Strong. Deep, dark and potent, filled with complex flavours. A contemplative brew, perhaps the finest of all the Trappist beers

Abbaye De Scourmont

Chimay Bleue 9.0% *****
Trappist Strong. Big, dark, strong Trappist ale of great complexity

Abdij Westmalle

Westmalle Tripel 9.0% *****
Trappist Tripel. Smooth, deep straw coloured, finely balanced and delicious. Develops mellow, honeyed backtasters when properly stored

Koningshoeven, Holland

La Trappe Tripel 8.0% ****
Polished, copper-brown ale with a sanitised beefiness


Westvleteren Extra 8 8.0% ****
Trappist Tripel (dark). Dark, sour and challenging, sometimes with overtones of homebrew

Weisse Beer

Schneider Weisse 5.0%
German beer, the king of Weisse beer. This is the tastiest Weisse beer that you will come across. Slight hints of lemon and fruit, very refreshing

Meisels Dunkel Weisse
German beer, being a dark version, lots of taste and flavour, try it!

Kaats Wit 5.0%
Dutch Weisse beer from the Three Horns Brewery. Excellent

Leeuw, Holland

Valkenburgs Witbier 4.8% ****
Wheat Beer (unfiltered). Sampled on draught: spicy sweet, gingered and soft



Cantillon Super Gueuze 5.0% *****
Gueuze (unfiltered). Lightly sedimented, sour, very dry and slightly bitter. Highly accomplished

3 Fonteinen Gueuze
This blows your mind just like Cantillon but isn't quite as sharp and is more rounded. Pass me a Gueuze...


Old Beersel Kriek 5.0%
How a good Lambic should be


Girardin Framboos 5.0% ***
Raspberry Gueuze. Highly perfumed and sweetish. Must be juice-based with youngish lambics


Boon Frambozenbier 6.2% ***
Raspberry Gueuze. Originally a fine acid framboise, nowadays drowned in sweet fruitiness

Fruit Beer

Rodenbach Alexander 6.5% *****
Old Red. Grand Cru which has been "krieked" by the addition of cherry essence. Ruins the authenticity but avoids spasm of the salivary glands

Felix Kriekbier 5.0% **
Old Cherry. Syrupy, brown, very slight acidity but unpleasant back taste

Echte Krick
Similar to Felix but slightly sourer

Jantjes Kersenbier
Another brown beer, based on Cherry beer, very different to our other two offerings

Wiegelier 9.0%
Dutch ale tasing of apricot, different and strong


Jopen 3-Grain Bok 7.8%
Dutch Bok using three grains in it. Try it

Strandgaper 9.0%
Dutch Ale

XX Bitter 5.0%
Dutch version of 2X British bitter, nice


Pauwels Kwak 8.0% ****
Brown Ale. Big, darkish, sweetish ale which fails to drink to its alleged strength


Rodenbach Grand Cru 6.5% *****
Old Red. Supremely sour red-brown beer, fermented in oak for at least 18 months. One of the world's classic beers and the finest example of an old or Flemish red ale

Ij, Amsterdam

Zatte 8.0% ****
Strong, sweet and blond

Smisje Blond 5.0%
Honey ale from a brewery on the outskirts of Bruge. Lovely, interesting ale

Van Steenberge

Piraat 9.7% ****
Strong Ale. Well-brewed sediment ale, vaguely in the strong golden style but less flowery

Brown beer


Felix Oudenaards Oud Bruin 5.5% ****
Old Brown. Delightfully fruity, sourish, sweet brown ale, verging on a 5* rating


Vieille Provision Saison Dupont 6.5% *****
Saison. Golden oak colour, dry, herbal and hoppy with lingering aromatic aftertastes

Rousse des Fagnes
A reddish-brown beer, reminiscent of Chouffe apparently

Other German Beers


Roggen 6.5%
Roggen beer, quite refreshing

Salvator 7.5%
Strong German Lagered beer, dark in colour. All it's own flavours

American Beers

Mendocino Red Tail
American ale

St Stan

St Stan Red Sky
Reddish American ale

St Stan Whistlestop
A new one from the brewery


St Christoffel, Holland

Christoffel Blond 5.0% ****
Pils. Bottled with a light sediment, darkish and bitter with bags of character

See also City of Cambridge XK50

Cider, Bar 3

Brains, Glos.

Dry 6.5%
Made in the Forest of Dean by contract sheep-shearer

Cassels, Shelford, Cambs.

Dry 6.0%
Our local cider, gaining in reputation

1997 vintage; beautifully mature


Special Reserve

User Friendly

Original 6.2-7.5%
Popular, award-winning ciders

Dewchurch, Herefordshire

Made mainly using Kingston Black cider apples, with some Stoke Red

Franklin, Shropshire

Sweet 6.0%
Naturally produced, matured in oak

Heck's, Somerset - family cider-makers since 1896, using traditional varieties


Sweet 6.0%

Lambourne Valley, Berks

Eastern style, made by cider journalist and enthusiast Roy Bailey

Lyme Bay Jack Ratt, Devon

Med. dry 7.5%
2 yr. vintage; gaining acclaim

Weston, Herefordshire - now the largest independent makers in the country

Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Thatcher's, Somerset - popular commercial producer

Medium 6.0%

Perry, Bar 3

Lyne Down, Herefordshire

Med. dry 7.0% - Champion Cider/Perry of the Festival
Excellent award-winning perry making a welcome return

Hartland, Glos.

Dry 5.8%
Classic crisp perry

Coombes, Somerset - family farm producers since 1919



Beers we hoped to get.

Brecknock, Ystragynlais, Swansea 1997

Valhalla Original 3.8%

Dark Mild 3.9%

Valhalla Gold 4.3%

Valhalla Northern Lights 4.8%

Valhalla Premier 5.0%

Courage Bristol Brewery, Bristol 1702

Courage Directors 4.8%
Well-balanced, full-bodied mid-brown malty ale

Cox & Holbrook, Gt. Finborough, Suffolk 1998

Shelleys Dark 3.6%

Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbigh 1994

Dr. Johnson's Draught 3.6%

Cwrw Ardenning Porthmon (Drovers Special Ale) 4.2%

Fenland, Chatteris 1997

Tall Tale Pale Ale 3.6%
Occasional beer for the fishing season

Flannery's, Aberystwyth 1997

Granny Flans 3.6%

Celtic Ale 4.2%

Oatmeal Stout 4.4%

Gribble Inn, Oving, nr. Chichester

Ewe Brew 3.8%

Guernsey, St Peter Port 1856

Sunbeam Bitter 4.6%
Golden in colour, with a fine malt aroma. Malt and fruit are strong on the palate and the beer is quite dry for its strength. Excellent dry malt and hop finish

Hopback, Salisbury 1987

Crop Circle 4.2%

Isle of Skye, Uig 1995

Avalanche 5.0%
A powerful, full-bodied, golden ale with a strong hoppy aroma and a hop flavour with a smooth, malty balance and hints of fruit

A new beer

O'Hanlons, Vauxhall, London 1996

Rye Beer 4.2%

Pembroke, Pembroke 1994

Dimond Lager 4.1%

Plassey, Eyton, Wrexham 1985

Royal Welch Fusilier 4.5%

Dragon's Breath 6.0%

Randalls, Guernsey 1868

Mild 3.4%

Rockingham, Elton, Cambs 1997

A1 Amber Ale 4.0%

Snowdonia, Snowdonia Park Hotel 1998

Session Bitter 4.2%

Haf 5.0%

Springhead, Sutton-On-Trent, Newark 1990

Bitter 4.0%
A clean-tasting, easy-drinking, hoppy beer

Teme Valley, Knightwick, Worcs. 1997

Wot 6.2%

Tigertops, Wakefield 1995

Fleur-de-Lys 3.6%

White Coombe 4.5%

Tipsy Toad, Jersey 1992

Horny Toad 5.0%

Valhalla, Balta Sound, Unst, Shetlands 1998

Auld Rock 4.5%

Verulam, St Albans 1997

IPA 4.0%

VB Lager

Warcop, Wentloog, Gwent 1998

Hillstone Premier 4.0%

Tomos Watkin, Llandeilo 1995

Cwrw Haf 4.7%

Willy's Brewery, Cleethorpes, Lincs 1989

Weiss Buoy 4.5%

Old Groyne 6.2%

Cambridge & District CAMRA : 26th Cambridge Beer Festival